Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 2

It's finally, but also already P-Day!
By that I mean, the days are continuing to be very long, but the week goes by fast!

This past week has been pretty awesome.
There were definitely ups and downs, but I know I am where I am supposed to be.
Here are some of the major things that happened in the past week and some of the things I learned and felt.

Sept 14

This morning I had the opportunity, along with my district and the Phii Thai's to join the Endowment session in which Sister Htwe got her own Endowments!
It was so special. It was nice to be in a room full of missionaries who are all straying to feel like friends, and who are all here for the same purpose, and have the same beliefs. 
It was a really excited and heart warming experience!

The funniest thing that happened today came in the form of a little piece of paper, left under my scriptures in our classroom.
It had the email address of an Elder, with Songs of Solomon 4 written under it.
This was the same Elder who had told off one of his classmates for flirting with one of the girls in our class, telling him to remember page 33 of the white handbook.
I'm not sure if it's really from him, or someone else, or if it's a joke...
But a serious word of caution to Elders and Sisters to be... This 18-24 months is what we are dedicating to the Lord. The purpose is to forget ourselves and lose ourselves in the work of the Lord.
If we focus on His work, how much greater will our blessings be after? 

Today's Lesson: "Every conversion must happen with you before it can happen with them" - Elder Holland
We cannot teach outside of our own conversion. Teach what you are! In order to do that, we must become. 

Sept 15

It happened. I broke down.
Sister Smith and I argued over what to teach our investigator and I felt the spirit leave with a wham (in the moment, I didn't make that connection though).
I couldn't help but talk over to the bathroom and just cried locked myself in, sat on the ground and cried. 
I couldn't help it. I realized that without knowing it, I had been holding on to my tears for a while. I wanted to go home. I didn't want to be here.
I was so angry and frustrated and lonely.I had so many negative thoughts running through my head.
I tried to say a little prayer, and managed to compose myself. When I got out of the bathroom, I saw that Sister Smith was waiting for me. 
I was about to stalk away again to grab my bag from the classroom, so we could leave for the night to our room, but she called me back, saying she wanted to apologize.
We both ended up apologizing to each other through tears and hugs. It was so stupid what we had fought over, because we were both right. We were here for the same reason, and we had the same goal.
I realized once again that the way Satan likes to attack me is to bring about the Spirit of Contention between me and someone I care about.
I love people and Satan likes to use it against me. Even thought I knew this before, I forgot, and let things slip out of hand.

Today's Lesson: Attitude is important! 

Sept 16

It's been a full week!
It feels like it's been much more than that though! Today's lesson with Phii Bah was better than yesterday's. We listened to the spirit a lot more and explained the answers to his questions through the spirit :)

We learned how to teach by connecting principles back to Christ and the Atonement.

Today's Lesson: God loves us and because He loves us so much, He send us an ultimate example to follow, Jesus Christ.
When we follow him, we can feel true happiness.
Study: 2 Nephi 31: 2-21

Sept 17 

Today we taught Phii Bah for the last time.
He sent our class a goodbye video message.
In it, he expressed his gratitude to us for loving him and wanting to help him. 
He told us that before, he didn't know God and Jesus Christ, but now he knows that God loves us and Christ loves us.
He expressed his appreciation for prayer and how he can feel the Spirit through it. He now knew that's how God speaks to us (e had a hard time teaching this part).
He said his little faith was growing.
He thanked us for our patience and love, and expressed that he wants baptism. 

It's so beautiful to watch someone be converted to the Lord. It's simple and beautiful.
This experience may have been role play...
But the lessons we learned and the things we felt were real.

I truly learned to love Phii Bah and wanted him to be converted to the Lord. 

There were times when I wasn't really motivated and had no clue what I needed to do...
But now Phii Bah has become the motivation, and it doesn't matter if I know exactly what to do because if I am doing my part by constantly striving to convert myself to the Lord,
he will fill in the rest. 

Sept 18
Phii Bah is now our teacher!
We heard rumours from the beginning that our investigator would become our teacher, but it was still a pleasant (?) surprise! 
Now we get to know Br. Yuen. 

Lesson: Even though it was role play, when I reflect back on our experience of teaching Phii Bah, I learned a lot because we were all sincere. 

Sept 19


I know that when it's hard for me, shifting the focus to others (rather than myself) is the best remedy! I hope that this is something I will never forget~ 

Sept 20

Lesson from Lloyd Newell (Music in the Spoken Word - MTC version)

Virtues that fight off fear:
Power of God - teach truth with testimony
Perfect Love
Sound Mind -foundation and faith built on Christ

Now for some funny stories!

This means sorry in Thai and our way of remembering it is to think of...
"Oh Sorry! I caught a toad!" And so here is Elder Blad and "Caught Toad"
We all love Elder Blad! he is definitely a little ray of sunshine in our class!
He is very caring towards others and loves the gospel! It shows in his countenance!
He also likes to amuse us with saying things like the following:
"You would be a different colour if you were cooked inside a chicken too!"-defending the ham inside of chicken cordon bleu
"Oh! Let me shake your hand Sister!" - the struggle is real! Restraining from hugs~ 

This is my companion, Sister Smith.
She has an amazing testimony and loves a good time too! 
She's diligent and studies hard~ 
She likes to entertain us with her version of the gospel ;)
She amuses us with saying like:
"I have a plan!" - while practicing her testimony about the Plan of Salvation. Sorry Sister Smith! It's actually God's plan...
'We are Phrawinyann!" - She called ourselves the Holy Ghost!!
And she even tried to giver our "investigator" a Portuguese Book of Mormon, with a Thai cover hand written, and tried to convince him that it wasn't Portuguese, but actually in Thai. 

​I was lost, but now I'm found!! 

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