Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 16 in Field

The work continues here is Sisaket!
We've been busy running around, mostly visiting less active members and investigators! 
Lots of teaching, lots of biking, lots of smiles and laughter :)
Life is GOOD! 

We had a switch off in Roi Et this week!
Let's just was quite the adventure!
Travelling to Roi Et took us about 6 hours in total...with the addition of bird droppings on my face, a bike that was too big.. 

And a very retro bus... It was an adventure anyone would be jealous of! :D 

I had the opportunity to visit this Sister who is over 90 years old while on the switch off with Sister Burbank.
Isn't she beautiful?

Sister Coates, Sister Burbank, Me, Sister Larsen

Sisters Burbank and Larsen are our STLs!

Our Fearless DL worked himself too hard...He had to be held up by his companion, Elder Weaver

​Elder Hunt and Elder Williams chilling in the font in preparation for a baptism!

The Beautiful Isan of Thailand! 

The Highlight of this week!
Little Sister Blami was baptized on Sunday!
She has to be tiniest, cutest, most sweet 9 year old ever!
(She just turned 9 years old on Sunday)
This is the testimony that she bore after she was baptized:
"Ever since I came to church, I started to know Heavenly Father.
I know that He lives.
The Sisters taught me that we can repent.
We ask for forgiveness and we don't do it again.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen"

Little Blami was baptized by Sisaket's old bishop!

"I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it.
I do not  glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy." (Alma 29:9)
And this is what it means to be a missionary to me. 
I hope that I will keep on learning and progressing, that I may be an effective instrument in the Lord's hands. 

The funniest thing that happened this week:
There was a gigantic cockroach that found it's way into our room...
Sister Coates and I leaped from bed to chair to desk to try and stay away from it...

Here is Sister Coates, masterfully trying to find, and kill it! 

Look at that perfect Thai Squat!!

My last morning in Srinakharin!
Tuesday, February 17, 2016 at 7am
Goodbye District! 


so im finally here and im loving it! i got here on monday and was greeted by the lovely president and sister cutler. the office misisonaries the jepsons and reeds were all so happy to see me again! it felt really nice! i got a big binder of info to read and im so pumped! i got some training and then i actually got to take a two hour nap! it was marvelous! i didnt realize how much i missed naps haha! then my companion and the sister training leaders came and we had a delicious home cooked meal with the cutlers and their daughter megan. shes awesome! my companion is sister gross from ogden utah. i actually found her on facebook and we chatted a little before she left so its super cool.
milwaukee is such an awesome place! its been super mild here. its really open, green and just beautiful. sometimes the winds pretty intense though! theres alot of american flags everywhere haha. i had soem signature wisconsin custard which is like ice cream from a restaurant called kopps. we are serving in the milwaukee 1 ward. their are also zebra elders in our ward serving in mong and enlgish. cool eh? theres alot of people here with southern accents kind of and i just love it!

our ward is full of med students and doctors! its the coolest thing! ive never really known many doctors! our ward is fairly yound as well with lots of little babies that im tempted to hold! 

we went to visit a former named savannah because sister gross felt like we should. we found her home and we just talked to her about our purpose on earth and how she could be so much happier with the gospel like her friends at church. we went to visit her and a few days later she had read and was just so much happier. thats what the gospel of jesus christ does folks. its changes lives and brings us joy.

i also met an investigator named janice who recently finished the book of mormon and now shes tackling the bible. shes found that the book of mormon has helped her to understand the bible. i know that is true! the bible and the book of mormon go together as two testaments that christ is our saviour.

i love this gospel, and my saviour and the book of mormon. and im grateful for all of you and your constant love, support and prayers!

love, sister mansfield :D <3

Week 15 in Field - con't

Cutest Little Investigator! S. Blami! 

Some of the Youth of Sisaket and little 10 year old Jack joined us in reading a chapter from the Book of Mormon after church on Sunday!

The MEEs (Moms) of Sisaket Ward that take care of us! :)

Sunday Dinner at the Bishop's Home!

Elder Weaver's bike had a flat tire...
So our fearless District Leader took him on a ride all over the countryside of Sisaket like THIS! 


This is the mama dog that nipped me!!
But it was all worth it to get pictures of her little pup!

​ELEPHANTS! They are so precious !

Our loving bishop with a precious baby elephant! :D

My PDay spent in Surin was one of the best PDays EVER!
Surrounded by magnificent creations from Heavenly Father, and people that I love...
How could I have asked for a more perfect PDay? :)