Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 15 in Field - con't

Cutest Little Investigator! S. Blami! 

Some of the Youth of Sisaket and little 10 year old Jack joined us in reading a chapter from the Book of Mormon after church on Sunday!

The MEEs (Moms) of Sisaket Ward that take care of us! :)

Sunday Dinner at the Bishop's Home!

Elder Weaver's bike had a flat tire...
So our fearless District Leader took him on a ride all over the countryside of Sisaket like THIS! 


This is the mama dog that nipped me!!
But it was all worth it to get pictures of her little pup!

​ELEPHANTS! They are so precious !

Our loving bishop with a precious baby elephant! :D

My PDay spent in Surin was one of the best PDays EVER!
Surrounded by magnificent creations from Heavenly Father, and people that I love...
How could I have asked for a more perfect PDay? :)

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