Monday, February 1, 2016

Hamilton Harvest :)

monday- we decided to go grocery shopping at walmart at 7 am. that was fun! we went to eat lunch the  pen centre with our recent convert emily. i love her! were doing a bunch of challenges in our zone to raise the bar and its called raise your hammers. their really fun! we went to visit our investigator jennifer. shes having a hard time giving up her coffee. we gave her the book of mormon stories so that it would be easier for her to understand. we had tacos with the burtons for dinner. they are wonderful! on the way to the burtons we found a new investigator named katerina. she actually works at the womens shelter that we volunteer at on wednesdays. its wonderful to see that Heavenly father really puts prepared people in our paths we just have to talk to them! we went to visit sister capuyan and she was skyping her family from the Philippines. her family even stayed on skype while we shared a message about the sabbath even though there not members which was really nice.

tuesday-  we went to visit a less active member named brother c. he lives far away! he owns and antique business so his house is filled with beautiful stuff. his wife is not a member but she sat in on the visit as we talked about his mission with him. we caught the tail end of helping with the bishop storehouse. their was so much food. it really streghtened my testimony of fast offerings to help those in need. hayat one of the members were working with is in the hospital so we went to visit her. we dropped her off a card. we were able to visit our recent convert jesse whos really hard to meet with. he goes to a really old boarding school so he gave us a mini tour after the lesson which was cool. 

wednesday- we helped with the cleaning at the womens shelter. chuck who were helping get the priesthood is smoking so much less now. he cut down ten cigarettes a day. we know heavenly father is helping him because hes doing his part and coming to church again. what a 360 hes done since i first met him. hes great! we completed a raise your hammer challenge by knocking 50 doors and we found some sweet potentials. 

thursday- we had district meeting! its awesome being with a group of missionaries. district meeting focused on commitments and teaching the Lord's way. we all wne to A & W for lunch after. we met with our investigator kristin and her daughter sierra. kristen actually stumbled into meet the mormons on netflix and watched and loved it. heavenly father is awesome! we taught her the plan of salvation and commited her to be baptized this month and she accepted! :) 

friday- we went to joey holtbys grandparents house for dinner. they are the sweetest!

saturday-  I had to soap box preach for one of the raise your hammer challenges! i dan jones it up! it was fun. their werent too many people downtown but we got a group coming from a cheer competition. it was sweet! we went with chuck who is now down 12 cigarettes a day! we sid alot of tracting and oyming downtown today. a lady nmaed wendy let us in because she loves family history. she was telling us that she was catholic but was really excited when we gave her a book of morn and then we were able to get her number. sister kwak i had korean food for dinner! a brother in our ward served in korea so he made us all food from his mission. yummy!

sunday- church was awesome today! brother stockwell sang opera and it was beautiful. brother macjanet gave a  great presentation on the sbabath day in fifth hour. im going to start prepping for the sabbath all week. you all should do the same! :) chuck stayed for all three hours of church and even th4e munch and mingle. life is good. god answers prayers. the spirit is everything! all my love! :D <3

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