Monday, February 8, 2016


friday wsa skills and interviews. i love the claytons so much. they are so inspired! i feel the spirit whenever they speak! they are so loving to each other too its adorable! in the canada toronto mission we teach repentance and baptize converts, we are a pmg mission and we are converted disciples of Jesus Christ. president just reminded me that we always have to stay on our foundation which is our testimony of Christ and all the spiritual experiences that weve ever had.

Well i dont have much time but here goes folks! on saturday before lunch we had planned to go contact a la referral named d. we were having trouble finding his appartment complex because it was b. we went around the back of the building and we started walking towards some other complexes that looked like a and maybe b. there was a black truck pulling in as we were walking over to the other buldings and i joked that it was d. well when the man got out of the car he asked us if we were lds and we said yes. we asked him if he was d and he said yes. we told him we were looking for him. he informed us that he didnt live there anymore and that he was just in the area visiting friends. we were able to get his phone number and address and setup a lesson with him. right time. right place. coincidence? nope! tender mercies ofcourse!

we got to go to our recent converts patriarchal blessing on sunday which was an amazing experience! the spirit was so strong and it was such a beautiful blessing. it really stregnthened my testimony. Heavenly Father really knows us all personally and by name. he has special blessings just waiting for us but we have to keep his commandments are always progress and become more christlike. we are all children of a loving Heavenly Father with divine potential. never forget that ever!

I love my Saviour Jesus Christ. I'm grateful for the love that he has for me and each of his children. I'm grateful for his atonement that gives me the oppourtunity to improve each day.

I love you all! :D 

-Sister Mansfield <3
This picture is of the mighty hamster zone (hamilton zone) at skill and interviews! enjoy!

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