Monday, March 27, 2017

Car Wash and Women's Broadcast

Car wash :)

Zone conference with my ginger child :)

Wisconsin the beautiful :)

duckies :)

i miss milwaukee :)

lakie michigan :)

womans boradcast :) 

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Week 70 in Field!

This week has gone by in a whirlwind...
It was my very last week as a regular, full-time missionary!
Between running from appointment to appointment, I tried to schedule an effective full week for my parents because they are picking me up from Thailand ! ^^
It felt like I was living a double life~ 
But, I got through it with the help of my amazingly patient and loving companion, Sister Fa!! 
Thank you so much. Really couldn't have done it without you! 

Breaking into our own house because we forgot the keys and locked ourselves out...

Poor Elder Lindley falling asleep during District Meeting!
I guess our APs are working overtime. 

English Class Students - "See you next week!"

A little love for a lonely, sweet Sister!
Sister Fa and I wrote a quote in each crane to give this incredible, troubled Sister a little encouraging push whenever she's feeling down. 
LOVE is the remedy to all problems~ 

18months mark! We made it! 

We all really made it to our full 18months! I am so proud of all of these amazing sisters and am so blessed to have served alongside them!
We started out in the MTC together on September 9th, 2015 and since then, what an incredible journey it has been!
And what a huge privilege it is to have remained close despite the hundreds of kilometers that sometimes separated us. 
And what a happy reunion it was for us to see each other in the office just a short day or two after our exact 18months mark?

And just like that... my mission is coming to a close...
My dad arrived in Thailand on Saturday night!

Lunch and Games at the Gay's

Dinner at Brother Jok's

Brother Jok and my dad hit it off right off the bat!

Waiting for my mom at the airport on Sunday night :D

This is the exact location that Sister Smith and I first met our mission president, and our adventure in Thailand took flight! 
Did we really come all the way through?? 

And... I am reunited with my mom and dad again ~
It's crazy to think that I've been away from them for 18 whole months! 
Time went by so fast!!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Week 69 in Field!

PDAY Adventures with other Bangkok Areas! :3 

Visiting Michael (a recent convert) at his restaurant! 

Looking for English Book of Mormons in the garage at the office...
How hard can it be, right?
That's what we thought...until we had gone through boxes and boxes of the Book of Mormon in Thai, Hmong, Lao, Spanish, Chinese, Tamil, Hindi, Urdu and several other languages to no avail! 
We eventually found some hidden at the chapel...

Spying on the Elders from another Area! Caught Red Handed in the act of giving their investigator a Book of Mormon!!
We actually ran into their investigator just the hour before while waiting for our own investigator...As it turned out, this guy already had an appointment with the Elders the following hour! 
How cool is that?! 

After a hard is the remedy! 

Alice, Jotdi's cousin and our investigator! 

Inviting on the streets! :3

Visiting a family who has not been able to go to church in a while ^^ What an adorable family! 

Sister Martell was one of the first two Sister Missionaries in Thailand and she is back now as our mission nurse!
She helps us teach and is such a wonderful example to everyone!!! What an amazing woman! :D 

Stresssssss EATING! 

This week, as I have tried to focus my studies on helping one of our investigators who has a lot of knowledge about the world and religion, I have come to appreciate the simplicity of the gospel once again.
The most important basic truths, that will sound true to us all because we have all been given the Light of Christ is that 1) We have a Father in Heaven who loves us very much. 2) Jesus Christ, our Savior, is the Greatest LIGHT! 
Everything else in the gospel depends on these two facts. When we truly understand the meaning, and magnitude of these things, following the gospel becomes extremely easy!