Monday, December 26, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Hello lovelies! :D I'm so sorry that I have been so terrible at keeping you up to date. I'm doing my best to repent haha! I might have told you all this already but I just got done with my second week in the Manitowoc ward which is in the Green Bay Stake of Zion.

We has dinner with our ward mission leader, the Ramos family. They're adorable! I got a Christmas package from Sister Gross mom. She's so sweet! Our investigator Mark called to set up a lesson with us later in the week and referred to himself as brother. It made my heart so happy! 

District meeting was up in Green Bay. I don't know too many of the missionaries up here but most of the zone has district meeting at the same time in the same building so that's fun! I'm in the same district as Elder Balukoff again who I came out with so that's fun! We talked about making family mission plans so you should all make one! It's a great goal to add to your list for 2017 ;). We helped sister Smotherman wrap some gifts so that definitely helped us get even more into the spirit of things. We had some delicious Chinese food for cheap for lunch yum! I got to meet the Carlson family who're super awesome. She makes the best food! Brother Carlson used to be EQ president. We got stuck in a ditch and two angels a.k.a. friendly neighbors rescued us out. Prayer works people! We had dinner with the Duehl family. They're lovely! They live on a farm too so like that's the best too! I got to meet Mark and Kyle who are two of our investigators. They're the sweetest! 

We helped the bishop's wife, Sister Oesterle set up for the Christmas party. We both really felt like we needed to go see our investigator Jens who lives super far even though we didn't have the miles so we did. We had a great lesson with him and brother Horn. We also got to talk with some cool people and teach some first visions lessons. The members made our investigators: Mark, Kyle and Xavier feel so loved at the Christmas party. The Lord also blessed us with extra miles for following the Spirit! I just love Him! He just blesses us so much everyday! :D 

We volunteered at Peter's Pantry which I love. I got to meet some more people and talk to them about Christmas. We also had some divine help catching one of our investigator's as he was getting into the car and were able to set something up with Steven. I met sister Fencl as well and she was super sweet! 

We had calls with the STLs and that was fun! I love Sister Coley and Sister Hansen! They're so much fun! I got a card from Jessica from Muskego Lakes and it made my day! I just love her so much! Miss them! We have Mennonites in our area! I seen some at Walmart and was so excited! We had dinner with the stake President and his wife, the Jones family and they're super awesome. They are on fire about missionary work and it's so awesome! 

We seen some cute deers in the country! We helped the Duels decorate their Christmas tree and we had a British Christmas Eve dinner. It was great! Sister Wright and I watched Mr. Kruger's Christmas during companion study. It's super good! We had some snacks with the Carlsons too. 

Sacrament meeting was full of beautiful hymns celebrating Christ's birth. It was so nice to Skype my beautiful family. They're the best and I love them so much and i'm' so grateful for them. We sang hymns for this adorable ninety year old woman named Eleanor. We were her only Christmas visitor. She's so sweet. We got to visit with the Rubens and the Estrada family. The Kranz fed us a wonderful Christmas feast as well. I got this wonderful picture of the Savior from Sister Gross lovely mamma Gross. It has all the different titles for Christ from the scriptures. It has really been humbling to ponder what Christ's life has meant and still mean for me. I'm so grateful for his love and grace and patience with me despite my weakness. I'm grateful to know that He lives and can always understand and comfort me no matter what the trial. I'm grateful to know that because of Him I can be with my family forever and that a loving Heavenly Father hears and answers my prayers. I love you all too! Merry Christmas and Happy Years! Check out Light th eWorld on!

The Jones family & Moi :)

Where's Waldo Sweet Christmas Jammies :)

Oops... :)

Moi :)

​Sister Wright & I Matching :)

Week 59 in Field!- A Perfect Week

This past week, as planned, turned out to be a perfect week!
It was full to the brim with miracles, lots of fun, love and laughter, just PERFECT for the Christmas Season!
Even though there was no snow, all the houses weren't lit up with Christmas lights, and even the Christmas music was relatively limited, it was a fabulous Christmas, filled with the true Spirit of Christmas!

Since this was our first and last full week in Korat this transfer (yes, we had to travel afar, out of area, every other week), Sister Ward and I were determined to make it our best week. And it was!! We blew our numbers out of the water and witnessed so many amazing miraculous things! 

Hulk and Superman, our bikes worked hard too! 

Dinner with some of the most fantastic YSA! :) 

Even though we were super busy, we didn't skip out on morning exercises :) 

Cookies, cookies and more cookies!!

Reindeer Sightings! 

Santa and Crew....

Goi, Ddon, and Guide!! The three most sweet people, and the biggest blessing and miracle this week! 

Ward Christmas Party! 

There were some rough patches along the way...
Take Saturday for example...
I burned the rice, smoking up the whole house, somehow dropped the bag of curry and ruined lunch, and broke the handle off the pot, all in one morning!!
But, despite all that, I still lived! 

Plus, we had Vietnamese Food to make up for a rough morning :) 

Christmas Gifts for the Elders complete on time!! ^^ 

Christmas Day!!! 


Guide! The Coolest 15 year old you'll ever meet!!^^ 
He's still an investigator, but that didn't stop him from coming caroling with us! Or did it stop him from inviting people to English Class! 

Skyping Little Boy!
Miss you, you "little" Stud!! <3 

and skyping the rest of my family too :3
What a blessing it is to have family who loves me^^ 
Can't wait to see them soon ! 

7 Days, and more than 7 Miracles!!

After our PDAY last week, Sister Ward and I needed to stop by the church to pick up some inviting cards to go inviting. It just happened that Brother Ddong was there with an LA, and two investigators who were interested in learning about our church! We didn't hesitate to give them a church tour and teach them the Restoration. To our delight, they were interested in learning more with us! Where's the miracle in that? Early that day, we had planned to go to an FHE with the Elders, but last minute decided that we would go inviting at a market instead. So first, Heavenly Father helped us make that decision. Then, we didn't have enough inviting cards and needed to stop by the church, and our stop was so perfectly timed with when Brother Ddong was there. And our new investigators Goi and Guide were prepared by the Lord! They loved what they learned that day!

After English Class, I sat down with Goi and Guide to follow up with them, and Guide informed me that he would not be able to make the next day's appointment because he would working. He then asked if we could teach them today!! 
We did so, and when we asked them how their first prayers went the previous day, BOTH of them had a special spiritual experience!
Guide answered, "It was awesome! I was lost on the way home, and prayed that Ddong would call out to me, and he did!!"
Goi said, "It was good! I found work that very night!"
They just seemed to absorb everything we taught about the Plan of Salvation and by the end of the lesson, they were glowing! :) 
It's so incredible how easily this 21 and 15 year old take in the gospel. 
I think I am understanding more and more what it means to be as little children and come unto Christ. 
After the lesson, we invited to come to Christmas Party on Friday and said our goodbyes. 
Guide then came back and asked when he would be able to learn again with us. 
I had thought that inviting them to the Christmas party was enough of a next step, but here was a 15 year old, eager to learn more about the gospel!
We quickly set up an appointment for before the party. 

We found the corn syrup and almond extract for the Christmas Cookies we were making after going to three different malls, and met many nice people, willing to help us along the way.
Also, on our way out of a lesson from teaching Grandma Gulap at her home, we ran into Brother Mitt, who when we asked if he had anything we could help him with, answered, "I am looking for people to help you teach."
What an amazing man!!! 

Our ghetto oven set up for baking cookies worked out, and we were able to bake cookies to deliver to some members.
We met a lot of nice people at the SaveOne Market and invited two vendors that we regularly visit to come to the Christmas Party. 
Even if they would be busy with work, they were delighted to receive a personal invitation to the party!

Our lesson with Goi and Guide couldn't have been any better!
They accepted baptismal dates and were radiating with happiness at the prospect of getting baptized!!! 
In the evening, Sister Rungtip, Grandma Gulap's granddaughter called us. We were just planning on calling her to discuss how best to help her grandmother, and viola! She beat us to it! 
Sister Rungtip is now a missionary in Bangkok. We were able to discuss her needs and set up a plan on how best to help her come closer to Christ :) 

Brother Mitt had a referral for us and we were able to go find him on our own without getting lost! 
In addition, I didn't die that morning after burning the rice, ruining lunch and breaking the pot :P

So much happened on Sunday, I don't even know where to begin!
After church, two of the Elders investigators were baptized!! They were fairly unexpected, but what a fitting miracle on Christmas!
We also had the chance to teach Fern, a new investigator that has come to church a couple of times with her friend, Minnie. 
After that, we biked around everywhere with Santa to deliver cookies and goodies to members and strangers.
It was an very hot day, and Elder Brown, our Santa was a trooper! He didn't complain once about the heat!! 
It was all very humbling for the rest of us. 
In the evening, we went caroling with members and even investigators! 
It was an awesome adventure filled with so much Christmas Spirit!!
That night, I finished reading the book of Matthew.
As I have studied Matthew in the past month or so, I have gained a new refined appreciation for our Savior, Jesus Christ!! 
What an incredible journey He had on this Earth!! 

All I can say is that this past week has been incredible. 
I have so clearly seen the hand of the Lord in His Work.
The week was filled with so much love, happiness and laughter! 
The best way to summarize everything is that, I am radiantly glowing with happiness!! 

Monday, December 19, 2016

Light the World! :D <3

Hello friendlies! :D Transfers were Wednesday so that day was crazy busy! I got to ride this fun little bus with Sisters Palmer, Garner and Elders Uppencamp, Reina, Wheeler and Cesarini. We got lost on our way up to Oshkosh from Milwaukee so we got a little tour of Appleton as well. We had a good time catching up on the bus and exchanging spiritual experiences from our areas. Oshkosh is the main transfer point so I got to see a couple of missionaries that I haven't seen since the MTC so that was great. We sang hyms together in the chapel and then headed to the different stakes. The
GreenBay zone were all at the stake center so I got to meet them all. My new companion is Sister Wright from Pocatello, Idaho. She just got done with being trained and she's great!

Manitowoc is this cute little port town that reminds me a ton of St. Catharines which i absolutely love! We volunteered at Peter's Pantry. You could to help people grocery shop and talk with them about Christmas so it was s really humbling experience. I get to see Lake Michigan every day!  I got to meet some members which was really nice. We're teaching a lady named Sue who lives in a trailer park and it was just the coolest thing. I was so fascinated. She has alot of real intent and offered a great closing prayer.

We actually tracted into a JW named Kay who said we could come back so that was fun! 

We had a lesson with the Estrada family. They are some awesome recent converts! We also got to meet the Ramos family. He's our ward mission leader and their family is absolutely adorable. 

Church was cancelled yesterdat so we went up to Greenbay for church. I met the Greenfield's sister so that was a tender mercy! They are in the Muskego Lakes ward. I hope you all have a merry Christmas and remember the reason for the season. Check out this Christmas video it's great! I love being on the Lord's errand. He's oh so good! I love you al and stay warm! :D <3 xoxo

#LighttheWorld <-WATCH THE VIDEO :)

Week 58 in Field!

English Class

Teaching Pa Sanit

Little Thomas, the Future Full-time Missionary

Visiting the Bishop

Fishing at the Bishop's 


We all took turns mowing the Bishop's lawn :) 

...and spent a significant amount of time observing ants... 

as well as giving kisses to this little fella...

Our Bishop has been a member for over 30 years!
This is their first Book of Mormon! 
What a precious treasure :)
I am so grateful for his loving service, his sincere care for the members in Korat and his willingness to do the work of the Lord. 

We had switch-offs in Chaengwattana (Bangkok) on Friday.
We left our house at 2am, got there around 6am and got home at 1am the next morning.
Despite being super tired, I am so grateful for the chance to have learned from Sister Williamson and Sister Black's examples of diligent missionary work.
I am impressed by their love and strength in doing the Lord's work! 
Thank you Sisters!! ^^

I also had the privilege of teaching Anne!
She is an investigator from Africa and has the most sincere testimony about God.
As we testified of the Restored Truths, the Spirit filled the room.
It was so empowering to be able to teach in English! I was able to express my feelings more fully and perhaps capture a little more of the magnificence of the Gospel. 
Testifying in a language that I have not yet mastered has definitely been a challenge.
Although I have gotten used to it, and the Spirit is the real teacher who will bring the truths to the hearts of all, being able to teach in English was such a special experience! 
Promptings from the Spirit are real!
If they weren't, I don't know how Sister Williamson and I could have been so on the same page, feeding off each other's testimonies, and supporting each other, and knowing what to say.
Going into the lesson, I was pretty nervous because I hadn't taught anyone in English in a really long time, but as soon as I opened my mouth, it was filled!
What a magical experience! 

On Saturday, after an awesome lesson teaching Yaay (Grandma) Gulap with Sister Ddu, Sister Ddu treated us to Coco Yens! 
Yaay Gulap has been an investigator for a very long time, but she is so close to being ready for baptism! 
We can just feel it!! 

Sunday! :D

Inviting at a beautiful park 

A Christmas gift from President and Sister Johnson!

Right now, I seem to be at a loss of words as to what to say this week...but I will say this:


My companion and I met so many nice people this past week! 
We worked hard to make up for the days that we were absent from our area, and it payed off!
Heavenly Father has been so merciful and helped us to accomplish a lot :)
It wasn't a perfect week, but this upcoming week will be a perfect one because we'll make it into one!
It will be the first and last full week in Korat this transfer.
Sister Ward and I are so excited to work harder than ever and really turn our week into a perfect one! ^^