Monday, December 5, 2016

never give up or get discouraged

Hello friends! :D This week has been full of miracles and blessings as always! im sorry im so terrible with my blogs. im trying to do better!

We has a great lesson with Jessica this week! Shes getting closer! i just love her! its just like meeting up with an old friend every time! We went to Kenosha for exchanges and I got to be with Sister Christensen who i came out with. I hadn't seen her since we arrived in Wisconsin so that was a great reunion. We had two phones and no keys so we ended up spending the night in the Kenosha apartment oops! :)

Sister Christensen and I got to teach many people today about the first vision which was awesome! It always strengthens my testimony when i'm able to testify of what I know to be true to others. We got to eat with the Maynes family. They're so awesome and fun! We had Asian food with peanut butter sauce which I love! We got to visit with Sister Heck and the Boehms because they had surgery. It's always nice to be able to partake of the Spirit in the homes of others. 

We had the Milwaukee south stake zone conference day which was awesome. its like a giant reunion! We got to hear a recent convert names Brother Jones share his conversion story. HE really just inspired us to never give up or get discouraged. He was so funny and bold. I loved every moment of it! 

We got to do crafts with the Miller family for Thanksgiving. Their dad is a member fromt he ward. It was super nice! We helped them write notes for people about why they're grateful for them. Then Sister Cook has us oevr with her family and we ate lots of turkey and stuffing and it was great!

The Handley's made us poutine for dinner yesterday and I thought i would just cry. Im really enjoying sharing the Christmas video with people. It really shows us how we can be Christiline by serving those around us. Check it out on I love and miss you all! <3 

-Sister Mansfield :D

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