Monday, June 27, 2016

not much time so pictures haha :) highlihgts

Heartattacked by our neighbours the Heffernins

bye to leakes who are moving to utah for residency :)

byu folkdance team with janice :0

​last district meeting :)

Week 33 in Field!

Last Monday, we took Sister Nuan to Sister Emelda's home for Family Home Evening.
Sister Nuan was baptized not too long ago and didn't really know how to have FHE in her own home, so we decided that it would beneficial to take her to an experienced member's home.
It was such a special experience!
Sister Emelda is Filipino, and Sister Nuan is Burmese, but as these two sisters got to know each other using Thai, the music of the gospel took all cultural barriers down and filled the two sisters with love for each other and the gospel.
Sister Emelda is a wonderful example to those around her, so full of compassion and true Christlike love.
She poured out her heart to Sister Nuan, explaining that we are not just friends, but family, in Heavenly Father's Kingdom. 
She shared her own experiences to encourage and uplift Sister Nuan in her first steps in the gospel. 
It was so reassuring to see a more experienced member reach out to someone who has been recently converted.
I was so filled will love for these two amazing sisters and gratitude for the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

One morning, I caught our ZLs trying to break into our home...
Well, actually, they were just trying to return one of our bikes...
But it was still pretty amusing to see Elder Bunker scale over the wall to catch the bike from the inside.

My talented companion, playing the ukulele on the side of the street! 

This is the most ugly, weird statue I have ever seen... 

Our weekly trip up to the mountains!

Sister Nok gave us two more referrals: this blind man and his son!
Despite their traditional looking house...they have a computer in their home. 

We had the privilege of helping some of the villagers put together flower bunches! 

We received a rose for our service ~

On Saturday, I got to spend my day with Sister Htway!
I helped her practice her song for Zone Conference around noon, and because we didn't get a chance to switch back companions, we stayed switched off the whole day.
What a privilege it was to serve with my buddy from the MTC!
It was rewarding to see how far the both us have come and to serve alongside a Sister who has a strong, beautiful testimony of the gospel. 

Water Buffalo taking a walk through the streets of Thailand

Right now in Thailand, it's rainy season...
It rains everyday and we are constantly soaking wet! 
What a fun adventure it really is ^^

Brother Noi is a member who is preparing to get his leg amputated.
I am amazed that each time we see him, he has a smile on his face.
For someone who is about to lose his leg, he has such a bright outlook on life!
He even has a parrot friend just like a pirate!
He's probably the nicest pirate on the face of the planet! 

Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 32 in Field!

Last PDAY, we went on a trip to Chiang Rai!
We left Chiang Mai bright and early at around 6am in a Rot Deng ("Red Car")

This is what a Rot Deng looks like! 

Natural Hot Spring! 

You can buy quail eggs cooked by this natural spring...They're actually really yummy! 

White Temple 

This reminds of the darkside from the Lion King ..


Our fearless District Leader...inviting others to come unto Christ while riding a giant bird...

A choir of sheep! 

On Wednesday, we went for another trip up the mountains to visit our members and investigators! 
The air was so refreshing! 

Service at our District President's home

Pulling weeds with our bare hands... 

Biking to and from our service activity, we biked a total of about 3 hours!

In Chiang Mai, I have the privilege of joining primary class and helping translate!

This week was another week filled with many miracles. All week, my companion and I did our best to find, and teach. 
Despite our efforts, we ended up with no progressing investigators and no one we taught showed up to Sacrament.
But, the Lord is merciful and lead two of His other lost sheep to church on Sunday!

After the meetings were over, we had the opportunity to teach one of these investigators.
As we taught the Restoration, I wasn't sure how our investigator, a teenage girl, was feeling, but I could tell that she felt something. 
I prayed in my heart for our words to reach this girl's heart. 
Near the end of the lesson, what we had planned to say became no longer important. 
I knew we should stop the lesson and really just focus on her. 
She was fighting to hold back her tears.
As she struggled to express how she was feeling, we testified of the Holy Ghost's presence and its role in helping us feel God's love!
It was a very powerful experience for me, my companion and the investigator. 

The second powerful experience from Sunday happened while we taught an older lady in her home later on that day. 
Her home was littered with beer bottles and other garbage and as we tried to teach her the Restoration, she didn't really seem interested. 
She had the TV on loudly, and seemed more interested in the fact that I am Korean than the message of the gospel. 
As we taught, I pleaded with the Lord to soften her visibly hardened heart...and gradually, and miraculously, her heart did soften! 
She whole countenance changed and she was a different person from the person that she was at the beginning of that lesson.

The only possible answer to these two phenomenal occurrences is that Heavenly Father truly loves each of His Children.
He had reached out to two of His precious daughters in a very special way that day.