Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 30 in Field!

Okay...I haven't had enough time to collect all of my thoughts about the first half of my mission...
So that will be in next week's post! 

Biggest News This Week: TRANSFERS
I am now in the beautiful scenic city of Chiang Mai, up in the Northern Parts of Thailand! 
I have another Thai companion! She's actually still a Greenie...This is only her second transfer! 
It's hard to believe that I am a trainer already (even if I am only a follow-up trainer)...
I don't feel old enough in this mission to have that responsibility of not only becoming senior companion, but a trainer as well!
This transfer is going to take a lot of faith and trust in Heavenly Father. 

But, before I tell you more about my companion and Chiang Mai...
Flash back to my last couple days in Sisaket! 

The second to last day in Sisaket, our district helped MEE May clean her house...
It was full to the brim with junk, mold and bugs... 

It also happened to have some interesting rats...dead and alive...

...and...a giant big slithered over Elder Hunt's arm...and a bunch of snake experts came to capture it! 

Elder Bundy's bike was in the shop for repairs...and the Elders happened to find an old skateboard at MEE May's house....

It didn't work out too well...

President Sxa came to visit Sisaket!
He's one of the counselors to President Johnson. 
And this happens to be the only district picture we have this past transfer! 

Elder Hunt and Elder Davis joined the no smoking campaign while inviting at the market... 

Elder Bundy joined in and proceeded to teach English Class like this! 

And with that...ends my adventures in Sisaket!

After an 8 hour bus trip to Bangkok...and then another 9 hour bus trip to Chiang Mai...
This is my first night in Chiang Mai with half of my district! 

The first salad I have had in so long! It was so delicious!!

And Korean Food that I haven't had in 9 months!!! :') 

Sister Phosawan and Sister Tak, my companion 

And the adventures begin in Chiang Mai! 
I've been having a little bit of a culture shock...
There are many parts of Thailand that look as if a piece of North America or Europe has been dropped here...

But, culture shock aside, Chiang Mai has magnificent scenic views!
We are surrounded by luscious, green mountains

This is Brother Toru from Japan. 
Despite his interesting choice of attire to church this past Sunday, he is probably one of the most devoted people I have ever met when it comes to missionary work. 
He invited someone who came on the same flight as him to learn with the missionaries, called us up, and set up an appointment.
Despite his broken English, he tried his utmost best to bear his witness of the truths of the gospel.
It was probably the hardest lesson I have ever taught in Thailand so far.
His new friend, a girl from England had questions upon questions... 
I was taken aback by her skepticism at everything we shared... and it was strange to teach a lesson in English...but somehow, we made it through.
That lesson was far from perfect, but I hope that the next time she meets missionaries, it will trigger something in her that drives her to learn more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

On a fun note, I met my boyfriend while inviting at a mall! 

Today for PDAY, Sister Tak and I went to Tiger Kingdom to play with our large feline buddies! 

This is my cute little companion, Sister Tak. 
She is 30 years old, Thai, and from Bangkok! 
I don't feel like the Trainer or Senior Companion around her because she's already an amazing missionary!
She works hard and leads me around this new area. 
She's super driven in the Work of Salvation, but knows how to have fun too!
It's a pleasure being her companion, and I hope that we will have more unity and become the best of friends as we continue the work of the Lord here in Chiang Mai. 

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