Monday, May 30, 2016

Week 29 in Field!

This past week was the last full week in this transfer!
That makes 5 whole transfers in-country!!
Next week, on June 9th, I will be hitting my half-way mark in my mission...
Time has flown by and it's been so busy these past few weeks that I haven't really had time to reflect on all the things I've been learning.
I'm going to make sure to find some time this upcoming week to really reflect on the past 9 months of my life. 
In the are some of the highlights from this past week:

Treating this wonderful RC Family for their service!
I am amazed at the conversion of this family. 
They have truly turned their lives around to serve the Lord. 
They are ever so willing to help the missionaries in the Work of Salvation and so full of love!

We've been getting thunder rainstorms almost every single day! 
Rainy season in Thailand seems to be upon us...
On Tuesday evening, there was a city wide black out (not the first time it's happened here).
Fern was a trooper and still did her homework in the dark.

As for English Class, we still had that too. 
A little darkness doesn't scare us away from English Class! 

And then, a miracle happened. 
The faithful prayer of Kii, one of our RCs, was answered and the lights came back! 

Thursday was my companion, Sister Sattatip's Year Mark on her Mission! 
The night before she asked, "Is it an important day?"
Of course it's an important day! This Sister has sacrificed her own time to serve the Lord.
She has already served Him for a a whole year! That's no short amount of time. 
Celebrating her one whole year of service to the Lord is something to rejoice over! 
Not because missionaries are great beings, but because we are able to have a little tiny part in the miracles that happen in bringing people to Christ through faith and diligence. 
What's not to celebrate about the Great Work of Salvation? 

Fun Fact: Her name means Divine Faith! 

We celebrated by going to a dessert cafe and eating to our hearts' content! 

Sister Booyi's Family Goals for to keep the Sabbath Day Holy and their Tree of Life! 

The most valiant church goers! Chutchee, Kii and Fuk! 

Khunyaay Brapit and Sister Fone! 

Khunyaay Brapit's Baptism!! With her baptism, three people in this family of four have been baptized!
I hope that there will be a way for the missionaries in Ubon to teach Sister Fone's daughter over there, or for her to come learn about the gospel in Sisaket!
I know that the gospel will be a true blessing in this family who has so little, as they are faithful to the doctrines. 
I am so grateful that all three of these lovely people have now been baptized so that they can be each other's supports in the gospel!

Our weekly visit to the Bishop's house was little special this time around...
The Elders' wish of wanting to wear skirts came true!!
We were soaked to the bone as we battled through rain and mud to get to their home, so the bishop's family offered us a change of clothes...

Sisters can now wear pants in the Elders can wear skirts now too, right?! 

Fruit of the Week!

Next week, I'll update you on what happens with transfers!
President Johnson just sent us an email clarifying instructions in his handbook... it's advised to transfer missionaries as infrequently as possible! 
So, it'll be interesting to see what happens! 

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