Monday, May 16, 2016

Blessings all around! :D <3

Hello friends! I was rushing this morning so I forgot my pictures. I'm sorry im terrible! But im really repenting and trying to make my blog posts better so heres some highlights from this week!

Monday: We were browsing around the Brookfield mall during preparation day and we bumped into the Waukesha elders ,Elder Helco and Elder Andersen . We also pumped into a nesting goose outside. Random right! We had dinner with the Burtenshaw family this week. They are members in the blessed Milwaukee First Ward. They have the three cutest little kids: Ashlyn, Brogan and Jaycie. They have so much energy! We played catch and at for them for a bit before dinner and boy was I tired after that but I loved every moment of it! We had a lesson with our investigator Janice and her fiancee Ronnie. Ronnie made us ice cream but wasnt too good at that so Sister Soifua helped him out. My ice cream fell on my shirt! Yay me!

Tuesday: We had zone training meeting and it was so good! We talked about different ways that we can find families to teach using the tools that the Lord has given us like The Family A Proclamation to the World and family history. We also talked about the different levels of motivation for missionary work. Right after zone training we tracted into this awesome family! The Walls family! And guess what we shared with them? Yes! The Family Proclamation. Our leaders are definitely inspired! We met with Sister Brown whos less active. We talked with her about how she felt at her baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost. She has so many super cool experiences about promptings that shes received from the Spirit. I myself im still working on recognizing the Spirit.

Wednesday: We moved apartments today. I never wanna move again in my life! We had to completely empty out the old appartment and needless to say missionaries have alot of junk in their apartments haha. We also moved into an elders apartment. Needless to say this germaphobe has come along way haha. No its not so bad though they were good elders! The senior couple the Shumways and Waukesha came to help us which was really a blessing. Then we had our first lesson with our investigator Tiffany. We taught her the First Vision and then she offered the cutest closing prayer. She was grateful for us coming at that time because she was in a depression. WE had dinner with the Willes family. I was really excited to get to know then better. Sister
Willes has the best red hair ever! And she plays rugby! Lets just say that we had great fun together! Her husband was busy at med school as is the case with lots of the awesome faithful sister sin the ward. I ate tofu for dinner too and it was actually really good! Then I went on exchanges with Sister Wise in Milwaukee One.

Thursday: Sister Wise and I went to help serve food to some seniors at a residence. I love it so much! They are all the cutest! We went to go say bye to one of our investigators Cherry whos moving to Illinois also. WE read some of the Book of Mormon with her because she was going a little crazy with stress from packing and all. I love her though. She has the cutest grandchildren living with her. I just love kids! We were working near an investigator that we were trying to contact and met this awesome woman name Latoya. She was telling us about how she survived lupus with the Lords help. We had dinner with a family the Hutchinsons in the Brookfield ward. They are so funny! Brother Hutchinson just came back from Sherbrooke university for a work trip. My heart was oh so happy to hear about home! We also got a Book of Mormon referral named Jen. Those are so precious and rare!

Friday: We went to visit Roz and Delores who are the funnest less actives ever! It was Delores birthday so we had cupcakes yum! Sister Stier took us to this delicious restaurant named P.K Chang and I had this divine banana dumplings dessert!

Saturday: We helped this family move who we used to teach. The members even got her a uhaul truck. They are really just so charitable which is actually the attribute of Christ that im studying this month. We visited Sister Stier and she gave us some patterns that she had made. Then we went to the Condiffs house so Sister Soifua could practice her departing song. We met with our super solid investigator Michelle. Words cannot explain how much I love that woman. She mad  e us tacos too shes really sweet. WE talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and she just has so much faith and like just eats up all that we teach her.  Shes working towards baptism next month which is exciting. We had dinner with the petersons. They are lovely! We helped this less active sister jensen put together some picture portfolios for her daycare. Shes from Columbia. She made us some arripas and cacao. So good!

Sunday: Church is the best always! GAbby Fuhriman gave her farewell talk because shes going to the London ENgland mission this week. She will do great! She is so loving and bubbly. Alot of medical students are leaving this summer so were going to have a bit of a mass exodus sad :(. But the new year brings new med students so all is well! WE had dinner with the
Brownes whos our ward mission leader. WE had tacos so good! They have the cutest chunkiest baby girl ever! WE went to visit a less active Sister Carter with the bishops wife Sister Chaplin. Sister Chaplin is the best! Always ready and willing to serve everyone. Sister CArter has so many antiques its cool!

Well life is great! I feel super duper blessed to be out here serving the Lord! I wish time would slow down! Thank you so much for all your love and support! Lots of love! -Sister Mansfield :D <3

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