Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 25 in Field!

This week, Sister Booyi's family moved! 
I'm going to miss this house...
This house is where we first met Sister Booyi and her family...and where this family took their first steps of Faith. 
But, it's time for them to move on to higher heights! 

Sister Booyi's Family's New HOME! 

This is a train and a temple that Fern and I built.
Brother Bay (the old bishop) dedicated this home for Booyi's Family.
It is my greatest hope that this home becomes a temple for this family, one where they will be able to feel the Savior's love.
My prayer is that their walls will house warmth, comfort, love and peace through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Cheers! (those are chilly peppers) 
You Elders are lucky you have more than one bathroom at your house.

We helped Sister Lin (Elder Hunt and Elder Davis's investigator) paint her shop in an effort to help her open her new business!

Teaching and learning the gospel together!

Investigator Kii with our member helpers Mina and Fuk

Sister Booyi and Brother Aut's family at Book of Mormon Class!

Sister Booyi with little Fern helping us teach Sister Fone

Visiting an elderly Sister at her home with the ward missionaries

Some of the Young Women in Sisaket Ward with little Tiger

Emptying out the baptismal font requires manual effort....
Thank you Elder Earl, Elder Bundy and Fuk for emptying out and refilling it in preparation for our baptisms this week!! 

And here we are...
Kii FINALLY got baptizeddd!!! 
And Sister Fone was baptized alongside him!

Kii's Story:
Kii was actually a referral from his mother, Ddum.
On the same day that we first contacted Sister Booyi's family, we had the chance to stop by Ddum's home/workplace and invite her and her friend to learn about the gospel.
We spent several days a week, for many weeks visiting them and teaching them.
Somewhere along the way, we found out that Ddum's son, Kii was really interested in learning about our church.
He has progressed in leaps and bounds as he had a true desire to learn.
He kept all the commitments that we extended to him...
And at the age of only 13 years old, he found out for himself that the gospel is true! 
His mother and grandmother wanted him to serve for 20 days as a monk as is tradition in many Buddhist households.
We were pretty nervous for the day he came back, not knowing if he would have had a change of heart in wanting to be baptized.
Although he didn't have a chance to continue to read in the Book of Mormon while he was at the Buddhist Temple, he started again as soon as he came back!
And within a week and half, he was baptized!! 
His mother is no longer interested in learning with the missionaries, but I know that Kii will bring a special Spirit into their home and one day, she will soften her heart again!
For one so young, he truly understands a lot about the gospel.
When I asked him who he wanted to have baptize him, he answered: "It doesn't matter who. They are all priesthood." 

Although Ddum doesn't want to learn anymore, she came to church for the very first time on Sunday and stayed all three hours and attended Kii's baptism!!
That, in it of itself, was a miracle. 

Fone's story:
The day that we found her, we were inviting at a market.
As we invited, we stopped by a seamstress and I inquired of her to know if she made ties.
She said she didn't, but that a lady further down the street did. 
So, we invited our way further down the street until we saw another shabby looking seamstress shop. 
No one seemed to be there, but as we approached, a cute little puppy came bounding out.
We started playing with him, and soon were talking to an elderly lady and her daughter.
As it turned out, the elderly seamstress lady, couldn't make ties...but my companion was able to introduce and testify about the basic truths of the gospel.
After that day, we returned often to teach Fone (we didn't realize it at first...but latter we learned that Fone has a little restaurant right beside her mom's shop).
The person who first listened to my companion bear her testimony was Fone's mom...
But after that, Fone was the one that was willing to meet with us. 
Her progress has been slow, but at some point, she had a change of heart and really tried her best to learn about the gospel, instead of pushing it out.
Since then, she her faith has grown, and now she's been baptized!
Along the way, her mother started listening to us again...she even understands more clearly than Fone and has a baptismal date for the 15th! 
We also started teaching her son, Lucky who is 10 years old.
I know that Heavenly Father lead us to this family who has so little because He misses them and wants them in His fold. 
I can't wait to see the gospel change the lives of this family! 

Some of the lovely moms of Sisaket Ward and Brother Deng...
Pretending to be at the beach! 

Choir Practice after Church! 
Apparently it's impossible to get a picture with everyone looking good!

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