Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 27 in Field!

Sister Booyi! 

Sister Fone and her mother's birthday celebration!

District Meeting

A bunch of kids came to play soccer in our chapel yard...
We decided to make a proposal that if they were to use our field, they would have to learn one discussion with the missionaries.
Elder Bundy and Elder Earl played their best to befriend these kids and had a fantastic lesson afterwards! 

A little friend came to visit Sister Booyi's home... 

Sister Booyi's Family and Sister Fone
I am so grateful for Sister Booyi! If she hadn't befriended Fone, and helped us teach, I'm not sure if Fone would have been baptized when she was. 

SERVICE at the Bishop's Parents' House
In Thailand, you use powder laundry detergent to clean just about everything....including this stone floor...
This is the closest I'm going to get to playing in the ocean while I'm on my mission! 

No matter how old you're never too old to race using toy trucks...
25 year old Biw and 19 year old Ddon... a lizard tail...sometimes, they just leave them behind... 

We had a switch off in Roi Et on Friday with our STLs!
I'm so privileged to have both my trainers as my STLs.
This time, I got be companions with Sister Hayes, my Mama!
I hadn't seen her since my very first transfer in country. 
It was interesting to reflect on how far I've come in the past 3 and half transfers we've been apart. 
I understand the language so much more than I did in those first five weeks in country and I have become more confident in doing the work.
I still have a long way to go, but was good to realize that I have changed, and I will continue to change throughout this mission.
It was such a blessing to serve with Sister Hayes again, even if it was for only one day. 

Being in Roi Et also meant that I got to see Sister Parker!!!
I think this was only the second time I got to see her after coming to Thailand!
It's weird because we can both kind of speak Thai now...

I also got to see Elder Smith, our Phii from the MTC! 

Mama and Auntie! My two beautiful trainers who have been such a wonderful blessing in my life!
We're all sweaty and gross...but happy because we're on the Lord's errand :)

Brother Aut, hard at work, hand-carving designs into brassware 

We got the chance to go to a wedding this week!
My first Thai Wedding! 

This has got to be the most atrocious thing I have ever done at a wedding...Life as a missionary...
I must say though...there were other people in even more casual clothing....

Fun Fact: I know every single dancer! They are all youth/YSA in the Sisaket Ward.
How fun is that? 

I have come to the conclusion that all 10 year old boys in Thailand (at least the ones in Sisaket) look alike...
Short, chubby hooligans! 
This is Jackpot (member) and Lucky (investigator) !

On Sunday, both Sister Sattatip and I were feeling a little under the weather..
Look at how tiny Sister Sattatip is! 

The past couple days, I've been down with a fever...
When we went to visit Sister Booyi today, she decided that she was going to nurse me.
She said I didn't need to miss my mom right now, because she would take care of me ^^ 

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