Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 31 in Field!

Kaw Soi- Northern Food! So yummmy :) 

On Wednesday, we took a long, winding, uphill trip through the mountains to go visit an LA family. 
Some slopes were so steep that we had hold on for dear life!! 

Meeting Sister Nok and Brother Sutti, made the trip so worthwhile!
These two lovely people in their humble abode, despite the challenges that they face have such a great appreciation and love for the Lord. 
Sister Nok even took us around her neighborhood and introduced us to several people that we could share the gospel with. 
We found 4 new investigators from our adventure up to the mountains that day! 

Sister Nuan was baptized just before I was transferred to Chiang Mai!
She is such a treasure! Her endless gratitude for the gospel, pure love for our Heavenly Father and the Savior are outstanding.
She's been spreading the gospel as far and wide as she possibly can, and have given us the opportunity to share our message with her friends. 
She is an amazing teacher, full of love and compassion for the people in her life. 

My companion and I were inviting at a market when we stopped to watch, mesmerized, this little girl.
This tiny little child, was stacking and putting away these stools like a boss.
She seemed too experience for such a tiny person..

Then, we turned around to see this school girl, working away at making food to sell...
Several different thoughts were running through my mind...
1) It was so precious to see these little children, helping in the ways they could to run their family business. 
2) How fortunate was I to have had parents who had jobs that allowed my brother and me to just enjoy school and play? 

On Saturday, we had Zone Training! 
It was nice to see some of our fellow missionaries from surrounding areas. 
"Don't get discouraged! Keep Working hard, and don't forget to gather the flecks of Gold. Gold is Gold."
We learned that sometimes, missionary work doesn't go the way we planned. And sometimes, we wonder about the "results" we're getting.
But, it's important to remember that the blessings from missionary work come in a variety of forms, not just investigators who get baptized.
It's important to remember that the other members in our ward are just as important as our investigators. 
No one is perfect and everyone has concerns and challenges in life. 
The little flecks of Gold are just as important as the nuggets. 

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