Monday, June 13, 2016

I Love to See the Temple! :D <3

Monday: We heart attacked the Staples family and the Condiff family in the ward just to show them how much we love and appreciate them. Both brother and sister Staples actually served in the Canada Montreal mission. How awesome is that! We met with our investigator Twana who came to church on Sunday and loved it! We read from The Book of Mormon with her and she just believes that the gospel is true! Her dad is a member in the Racine ward and her brother Roy is taking the lessons there with my old companion Sister Gross. Small world! We met with this guy named Tyrone who came up to talk to us at a Wendy's last week. He was actually the youngest youth to be incarcerated as an adult in the whole state but you would never be able to tell! He is an entrepreneur now who helps keep youth off the streets and he is starting his own TV show on CBS. He was awesome though! He is well versed in the scriptures and we definitely got his attention with The Book of Mormon. We went to visit this sweet old lady named Virginia who had cancer. Her sister in Memphis is a member so we shared the first vision with her and the let her rest because she wasnt feeling well. She was super sweet though and invited us back. We are not living in our ward boundaries right now. We actually lived in the Brookfield ward boundaries. We came home to a watermelon on our pation from Sister Bednarek in the Brookfield ward. So sweet! 


Tuesday: District meeting was so much fun! We all went to eat lunch together at Cousins Subs afterwards. It was a great way to build unity. Our district leader Elder Goldsberry is super nice! We were tracting and we found this super sweet lady named Deb. She actually works with a member named Andrea from the YSA ward. She is Catholic but loves learning about different faiths.

Wednesday: We went to do service at the Widman's house. They need help cleaning because they have a hard time getting around. We went to visit this less active family, the Powells. We had the mom Janice explain the restoration to us and she knew her stuff! We had dinner with the Lake Michigan sisters with Sister Ebberhardt and their investigator Sue. The food was so yummy! We love them! We went over to visit a less active Caleb with our recent convert Gary. We forgot that we were supposed to help him plant flowers but we did it anyways skirts and all! I must say it was pretty therapeutic. Gary is so solid! he basically told Caleb that he was just going to take him and his family to church one day. Gary definitely has that recent convert fire!

Thursday: We got into a little car incident but we were blessed and no one was injured! The Relief Society in the ward put on a little activity called Drops of Awesome. It was super cute! It talked about giving ourselves credit for our little victories and how Heavenly Father does not just see our faults. Then we made some kits for the refugees in our community. It was great sister bonding time.

Friday: I got to go to the Chicago Illinois temple yay! It was definitely a well needed visit haha. The temple was beautiful! It looks alot like the Boise Idaho temple from the pictures I have seen. I went with Sister Gifford one of my sister training leaders. Sister Ruka from the Brookfield ward took us. I am so grateful for temples and that they enable us to be united with our families for eternity. I am also just really grateful for the Spirit and the solace found within it's walls. It felt weird to be in another state but it was a fun little road trip! We met with our investigator Janice after and taught her about tithing which she accepted to live after her baptism.

Saturday: We took Tiffany out with us for half of the day. She is nineteen and has been a member about two years. Most of our lessons fell through today so we tracted and talked ot people on the streets. We met this super cool man named Willy. We taught him the first vision and he told us a bit about his background. He has seen many churches in his time because he cleans them for work! He said they we would be able to come by again and teach him soem more which is wonderful!

Sunday: The best day of the week always! We had Janice And Jennifer at church for the first time. We went to the YSA sacrament with Jennifer because she was super nervous. They talked alot about trials and the atonement. Something that really stuck out to me was that Christ had to suffer it all and so how could we expect to ge tthorugh life without a little bit of tirla and testing because that is how we grow. Jennifer loved everything about church! We got the elders to give our investigator Ella a blessing and then we taught them a powerful first vision lesson and they accepted a baptismal date for July 15th. The Spirit was super strong!

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