Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 15 in Field

This past week has been crazy!
Last Monday, I got a phone call from my mission president, President Johnson, asking me to make an Emergency Transfer to Sisaket (all the way out in the East of Thailand)!
He asked me to be ready to leave the following day, on Tuesday evening, or sometime on Wednesday.
It was so unexpected that I didn't know what to think!
I was so ready for a third transfer in Srinakharin, with the new bishopric...and I had finally settled down since two weeks had passed since transfers were made...
Nonetheless, I knew that if the Lord needed me out in the East, I would go.
Monday evening, my district ordered pizza and ate together, for what would be the last time.
President Johnson called me again at 9:30pm that night and asked me to be at the office in Asoke at 9am instead!
With less than 24hours of notice...I packed all night and left for the office on Tuesday morning.
We missed our bus at 11:30, so had to spend our day in Asoke...But I was soon off to Sisaket with my new companion, Sister Coates on the night bus leaving at 10:30pm.
I arrived in my new home in Sisaket at 6:30am on Wednesday morning, and what an adventure it has been since then!

 Sister Coates is a great missionary and it is such a blessing to be able to serve with her!
This is her last transfer as a missionary here in Thailand, and with only about 3 weeks left, I have so much I can learn from her!
We are currently working hard to regain the trust of the members here in Sisaket.
Apparently this area has had a tough year. 
But, it has been so much fun!
I have never ridden so hard and fast before!
We have been powering through each day.

On Friday, we decided that we would go exploring since we're both new to the area (Sister Coates has only been here for two more weeks than I have).
We decided to bike through a random neighbourhood and invite the people that we saw in their homes.
And what miracles we saw.
Two families accepted return appointments for the next day!
Dduk and Ddum are seamstresses who we found working away. 
Booyi and Aut have a cute family of four, one son and one daughter.
We both felt a little awkward going back to find them the next  day, but we just decided to keep our promise of a short message of 15minutes and let the Lord do the rest of the work.

I think Dduk and Ddum were surprised that we actually showed up!
Ddum didn't seem interested, but Dduk listened to what we had to say.
Sister Coates and I just testified our hearts out with the basic truths about the Restoration that we knew to be true!
And what a wonderful experience it was!
By the end of the short lesson, Ddum was more interested and urged Dduk to pray!

With Booyi and Aut, they just absorbed everything we had to say.
Aut even said he already believed all the things that we said to be true! 

I know that these wonderful children of God were touched that day.
Whether they were able to recognize it or not, I know that these four people felt the Spirit touch their hearts.
It is my prayer that they will continue to open their hearts to the truths of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Other miracles that happened this past week:
I got nipped by a dog on Sunday, but not hard enough for it to be serious! :)
Funny thing though...we rode away from that situation a lot slower than we rode to find our investigators and less active members the two previous days before! Priorities, right?!
And then...that same day, I fell of my bike and did a nice roll...
I was only scratched and bruised a tiny bit !
AND! I was NOT run over by a huge truck that was coming up right behind me!
Leave it up to Sister Kwak to at least fall off her bike once in the first week of biking...

Me with Hulk! :) 

I'm out of time for this week!
But expect pictures of elephants next week because we just spent the day with elephants!

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