Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 52 in Field!

Family Home Evening Miracle
Last Monday, we had family home evening at Sister Whipah's home. 
We were joined by an LA family (a mother and a daughter) and were able to guide them towards becoming closer to our Savior and Heavenly Father!
What a blessed night it was! 
Lots of food, laughter and the miraculous gospel :) 

S. Panjaree: "Sister Kwak, as if it wasn't enough that you brought a tiger into the you've brought in a lion too! "

My companion, Sister Panjaree 

Yaay (grandmother) Guhlap is the grandmother of one my most favourite missionaries, Sister Rungtip (I really hope I get the chance to serve with her! )
This grandmother has been an investigator for a very long time, but is still so very welcoming when we stop by! 

English Class! 

My nickname in Korat has become 'Miss Korea'... not too sure why...
Here is a picture of me that my companion drew.... 

Dragon drawing contest?! 

The coolest rides!
1) Riding a motorcycle with a bike helmet
2) no words needed 

Vietnamese lunch date with my companion! 

Our District - by S. Panjaree

On Friday, we had a Mission Tour with Elder Wong of the 70 in Udon!
So, on Thursday afternoon, our district set out on our adventure up to Udon. 
It involved a Tuk Tuk ride to the bust station, and then a 6 hour bus ride! 


Late Dinner in Udon! 

Runway Star, Sister Panjaree! 

Travelling to the church from the hotel on Friday morning...
We thought the truck was pretty full at this point...but later, we fit in even more missionaries...
The middle aisle was no longer visible!

Missionaries serving in Thailand from Korat! 
Elder Choedchaiyaphum and Sister Bin

Our APs, Elder Joyem and Elder Chamberlin ^^

MTC companions! 
We sure have come a long way! 
Sister Smith is now my STL :P 
I am so proud of her^^ 
What a great blessing it is to serve by such great missionaries like Sister Smith! 

Sister Bin and I were together for my first week in Thailand with Sister Hayes!
She's become so beautiful as she has honed the light of Christ in her! 


Missing in this picture: Elder and Sister Wong, President and Sister Johnson

I am so grateful for the opportunity to have been enlightened at Mission Tour with Elder Wong!
The highlights I learned:
1) The extreme importance of being sincere and loving when teaching
Being sincere and showing your love can make all the difference! When others are able to see that you truly care for and love them, and when they see your passion for the gospel, it can stir something in them! 
By being sincere, we can also create an environment for the Spirit to teach and bring the teachings of Christ to the hearts of all those that hear them!
2) Working with members is very important
We did an activity where one volunteer had a pair of chopsticks to eat a plate of rice, while another volunteer only had one stick. 
Just as it was easier for the pair to work together to eat faster, it is much more efficient when missionaries and members (not just the missionaries) work together in the Lord's vineyard! 

I am so grateful for meetings and trainings like this to help me self-assess and improve to become a better missionary, to become a more effective instrument in the Lord's hands!

On Sunday, we had a BAPTISM!
Sister Broong was finally baptized!
She had already been an investigator for some time before I moved into Korat.
She has been able to withstand the storms of life and prove her faith to our Heavenly Father by preparing to be baptized! 
What a glorious day it was when she was finally able to enter the waters of baptism to be cleansed from her sins, and make a covenant with her Father in Heaven that she will follow Christ for the rest of her life! 
Isn't she just radiant? 

Goofing off at church...

MEE Gope's! 

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