Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 53 in Field!

This past week went by in a blurr!
And now we have transfers coming up in just three days!
But first, let me recap the past week...

Brother Bank chilling out with the Fruit Stand Guy

Elder Gardner talking on his planner?? :P

English Class!!^^ 

The mission to save Elder Gardner's Bike! 

"I'm singing in the Rain!" Our investigator, Sister Ni's daughter, Khaw is the happiest little girl around! 

Preparing for Elder Gardner's Birthday!

Birthday Surprise Party!
Stalking out the Elders from 5am! 

Elder Gardner's Birthday also happened to be my year mark in country!
Boy, has the time just flown by! It's hard to believe that I have been here, in Thailand for a full year! 
Thursday, also happened to be the baptismal interview for Sister Ni, which she passed with flying colours!
How fitting! What a wonderful way to celebrate! 
I made some pasta for her daughter Khaw, and then we all went to go eat at Shabushi.
A korean brother, visiting Thailand for the month, treated the Elders and Sisters, Sister Ni and her daughter, and brother Ddong!

Brother Ddong's expression says it all! It was delicious! 
Thank you so so much Brother Park! 

Cleaning the Baptismal Font! 
It felt like we were being baptized again! :P 

Also this week on Saturday, was the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Church in Thailand! 
The members and missionaries out in the East celebrated in Roi Et!
But, because of the recent passing away of the King, we all dressed in black and it was pretty low key.
Still, what a blessing it is to be able to unite together as Saints in Thailand!

It also meant that I got to meet many of the people I love!
My MTC companion serving in Roi Et and some of my favourite members from Sisaket!! 

Including Fuk!!! I missed this little guy so much!
I am so proud of him for growing taller, not only in physical height, but in spirituality as well! 

Sunday was a miracle! 
In Relief Society, Sister Broong, who was just confirmed that day, as well as Sister Ni, soon to be baptized that day presented!
I am so grateful for these amazing women and their faith and testimonies! 
I am so proud of them for not being shy to share what they know to be true! 

AND Sister Ni was baptized!
Her story is amazing!
She first met the missionaries at the market two years ago, about an hour after she prayed and asked Heavenly Father to help her find the true church!
Since then, she has overcome many trials to get to baptized. 
She hadn't been able to come to church the past couple of years because her husband was opposed to it.
But, Heavenly Father softened his hard over the years, and opened up a window for Sister Ni.
She was positively radiating with happiness on Sunday!
Her immovable faith in our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ just beams! 
She is an amazing example to her family and friends.
She already loves sharing the gospel.
She has no doubt that Heavenly Father takes care of her.
After losing her firstborn, she went through a divorce and found her current husband.
She firmly believes that her six year old daughter from this marriage is Heaven sent. 
Little Khaw is not afraid to declare that she is Christian, among the Buddhist majority, keeps her mother in line by reminding her pray and read in the scriptures and has a testimony about prayer.
She even offered the closing prayer at her mom's baptism!! 

Sunday after church, we reviewed the Restoration with the Elders' RCs, Wheeda and OongYing, Sister Ni and some members!
I was impressed with the testimonies of the members.
And as I bore my own testimony, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that this is the true Church of Jesus Christ.
I know that through Joseph Smith, God restored the fullness of the Gospel on the Earth once again.
We have prophets who receive revelation to lead and guide us, we have the power of the priesthood which is the only correct power of God on the earth today and we have all of Christ's teachings through the Book of Mormon and latter day prophets! .
What a huge a miracle that is! 

Sunday evening, we made floats out of banana leaves in preparation for Loi Gratone, a traditional Thai Festival! 

Sister Panjaree's northern style float and my first timer float! 

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