Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 23 in Field!

This week has been crazy!
Why? Because in Thailand, it was the New Year's celebration!
It's called SongKrang...
What does it entail? 
If I were to help you visualize it...
I would describe it like this:
Imagine Halloween, where you go door to door and Trick or Treat.
But instead of getting treats, you get water thrown at you, and your face patted with baby powder... 
There are trucks full of people and stations set up in front of homes and stores, with huge containers of water, ready to attack you as you pass by!
And it lasts for THREE DAYS!!

But first before all that, the beginning of the week was in preparation for the Ward SongKrang Activity.
We spent some of our District Meeting time to go buy some supplies at Macro. 

And ended up biking around the town like this.....

Wednesday Morning- Ward Activity! 

Similar to the Korean Tradition of showing respect to your Elders by the traditional bow on New Years, and receiving blessings in return, Thai people do it like this!

And then...the real experience of SongKrang started!! 

In the midst of it all, we still had to work :) 

Inviting on the streets looked something like this... 

While all that was happening...Fuk has become the missionaries' new hero!
He is literally everywhere we go!
Whether it's service projects or helping us teach, you can count on Fuk and his little bike to be there at your service!!! 

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