Monday, April 4, 2016

General Conference!

so i dont have much time so here we go general conference was so good! im so grateful that we have a living prophet and apostles to lead and guide the Savior church. i always feel the spirit watching them and i alwaysget answers to my questions. we watched the sunday morning session ith our recent convert gary and an investigator names janice. she received inspiration for herself as she watched it. she asked us afterwards how she can repent and if she need to repent everyday. how awesome is that! their were definitely lots of happy tears shed during conference. we got to watch the last session with president and sister cutler. she makes the most delicious food! after dinner we talked about the mission wide atonement read that were doing on the book of Mormon. we mark scriptures about the nature of Christ and his atonement and how we access that power. its so great to be able to see hwo The Book of Mormon just testifies of Christ and His atonement and how we can draw so much closer to Him through reading it. So i had some real Wisconsin cheese curds this week. They were oh so heavenly. custard is so good! i dont ever want ice cream again!

sister gross and i at kopps custard :)

the district :)

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