Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 21 in Field!

This week was so full of service!
I have a firm testimony that service heals hearts.
To make a long story short, things with my companion have not been easy.
The past couple weeks have probably been the hardest couple weeks in my mission so far. 
My patience has really been stretched and tested... 
But, this week was so much better because we spent time serving the people that we love!

On Wednesday, we helped our newly baptized family polish the brassware that engrave designs in and sell! 

That same day, we got to help some members pick and prune some cashews! 

On Thursday, we went to MEE May's home, and cleaned!!

On Saturday, we went to visit Sister MEEW and help her make treats that she sells :)

And quite possibly the highlight of my week has been watching Sister Booyi and her family, who were just baptized last week, progress in leaps and bounds. 
The week between receiving their baptisms and the receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, this family has spend several hours serving with the missionaries and attending church activities. 
On Saturday, Sister Booyi's testimony of conversion reached the heart of one of our investigators who we were close to giving up on. 
Her sweet, pure testimony of how the gospel has brought happiness into her family, and her willingness to help others come into the fold, is such a blessing to witness! 
I am so very grateful to my Heavenly Father for trusting me with this family. 
I have learned so much and am still learning so much from my relationship with them! 
It has been a huge privilege! ^^

Two progressing investigators with Sister Booyi, Brother Aut and Fuk this past Sunday! 
Words are not sufficient enough to express how much I love them! 

The Funniest Thing that Happened this Week:
For District Meeting, our DL brought in an ice-cream truck and the goal was to eat ALL of this seller's ice cream....
Did we succeed?? Oh yes, we did!!! 
Did we also all end up with stomach aches? We don't like to admit it...but yes...yes we did as well ... 

It's so hot in Thailand that it's impossible not to stop for a smoothie break every few hours! 

Out in the Isan of Thailand, it's pretty natural to just pick some berries, or fruits off the trees and eat them.

On Animal Watch this week....

I almost had a heart attack when my companion unexpectedly popped THIS in front of my face!
I screamed like a little was quite embarrassing.... 

We saw this poor chap while inviting at a park across from the church.... 

On Sunday at the bishop's house... I ate these....


There's not really much else to update this week...
Next week should be better!
We have Zone Conference and General Conference!
(in Thailand we get to watch General Conference a week late!)
I'm so excited!!! ^^
I hope that everyone back home is doing well!
Just remember that the Atonement is very powerful and through it, we can gain so much strength, energy, happiness and peace!
We just need to learn to apply it in our lives every single day! 
Don't forget to SMILE! 

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