Monday, March 28, 2016

Because He Lives :D <3

 we went to play dohs closet on preparation day with the sister training leaders (sister wise & kirchoeffer) and that was quite fun! i also was craving McDonald milkshakes really bad so we stopped and i got a 50 cent nce cream cone. so cheap. so good! we also had dinner with bishop chaplin and his family who are just wonderful. it was great to be able to talk about the members over dinner. they have the funniest kids too. and they are oh so cute! we also went o visit a less active sister carter with sister chaplin after dinner. shes a great woman! she loves antiques and showed us all the wonderful stuff that she got from a recent auction. we shared the visiting teaching message with her and it was great to be able to just remind her and myself of our divine heritage. the message was about how we are all created in gods image. we really are all children of a loving father in heaven.

district meeting was hilarious! we had to share a super power that weve always wanted. sister katz and hansen from lake Michigan always steal the show. we just love them. their hilarious! but we went over some teaching skills in pmg which was a great refresher for me. im working really hard to get through every chapter but theres just so many and they are all soo good! i got to finally meet a less active sister perry. she was so excited to hear that ive only been a member about five years an dos she shared her conversion story with me. sister stier in the milwaukee 1 ward which im serving in took us to dinner at the machine shed. it was like a barn restaurant full of cows, plows and mason jars. it was adorable and so good!

we get a ton of bible referrals here which is great! its just hard to keep up haha! so we spent a lot of Wednesday contacting those referrals which was very nice! we went to visit a less active sister and her mom who both have many health issues. they are always so grateful when we come visit. she said that we always share just what she needs or had a question about. im grateful for the spirit because we dont know what everybody needs or is going through. heavenly father does though so his spirit is able to help us know what each person needs to hear. 

we went on exchanges! i stayed in milwaukee 1 with sister kirchoeffer. i tired to find my way around the area without sister gross haha. it was like a blizzard outside with some hail and off tracting we went for a bit! gotta love th emission life! :) we had a great lesson with anaya on jill on the gospel on jesus christ. we were very unified in our teaching and the spirit was most definitely there. jill is not smoking and is doing great! we tracted and contacted some referrals in wauwatosawhich is another city in our ward bounds. we had dinner with the petersons and the boyles. i just adore them i got to see some real guns in person! my face was priceless. but my favourite thing was talking about easter. Christ loves us all so much that he died for us so that we can all live again with our families. i am grateful that i have the opportunity to testify of this matchless gift everyday. i love my Savior! and i love you all! :D <3

​Sister mansfield & Sister kirchoeffer

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