Monday, March 7, 2016

Fast Sundays are the greatest

monday was great! we had faamily home evenign with the peterson family. i love them so much. they had three sons and an adorable baby girl name blakesly. brother peterson is a cardiologist. cool huh? he served in the hungary budapest mission. we had one of the sons friends over too. bro peterson set up scary looking hungarian mouse traps with m and ms on then all over the living room floor. then his son jackson was blindfolded and had to follows his brother stephens voice to cross to the toher side of the room. this was an analogy for the holy ghost. when we are baptized we receive the ggift of the holy ghost and we are comprised his constand companionship if we remain worthy of this gift. we have to really listen with our minds and hearts for that still small voice. we have to seek him and he will be there guided us along the straight an dnarrow path and keeping us safe.

tuesday we had a district lunch at applebees. usually that would have been exciting exept my food was cold not fun! but it was ister lambretcht birthday so we got her a sundae and dang her a song which was great! the district is awesome! our zone leader elder baird is a great speaker. he talked to us at district meeting about really nto being wscared to become the missionary that Christ wants and knows that we can become. to ptu our whole heart, might mind and stregth into the work. our district leader elder vang had us go on an egg hunt :). then we got chocolate and read easter scriptures about christs atonement and resurrection. it was great! 

sunday was a spiritual firehose! a family in our ward recently lost a baby after about a day so thats been weighing heavy on everyone. and the father of the baby went up and bore a sweet testimony of his sure knowledge of the ressurection. that we will all be resurrected with perfect bodies because chirst was. chirst grants this free girft to us all. he laso talked about the temple and how hes grateful that he gets to be with his family forever and that his fmaily is grateful for the saviours love and atonement. the chapel was full of tear filled eyes. i addd my tesimony to his that Christ lives! so that we can all live againw ith our fmailies as well if we turn to him. sorry im pictureless again, im waiting for ym camera from toronto! wisocnsin is th ebest though! i lvoe you all!  :) <3

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