Saturday, March 12, 2016

Week 18 in Field

It's transfer time! Again...
I feel like transfers just happened! 
But that's probably because I had to move in the middle of a transfer...
I'm sad to see Sister Coates go because I've only been companions for 3 and a half weeks, but after a full 18months of service, she deserves to go home :)
My new assigned companion is a Kong Thai! (meaning that she is native Thai)
I'm pretty nervous to get a Thai companion because my Thai isn't all that great...but I guess I will learn lots of Thai from her!
I hope she likes Koreans...
I've come to know that a LOT of Thai people love Koreans! (Thanks to Kpop and Korean Dramas!)
Tomorrow I'm going to Korat with Sister Coates, where she will go down to Bangkok with Sister McNight and where I will stay there with Sister McNight's companion until my new companion comes, and then we'll come back to Sisaket!
Transfers can be pretty crazy here in Thailand since the Mission covers the ENTIRE country (plus Myanmar and Laos) which looks to be about 3 times the size of South Korea.
Round trip to Korat will probably be about 10hours... (5 there and 5 back).
Coming to Sisaket from Bangkok took about 8 hours...

Anyways, here is an update on my week: 

This past Monday, we went to go visit a Wat! (A Buddhist Temple)
We biked close to 10km to get there...and 10km back...
It was probably the hottest day I've had in Thailand!

A most awkward picture with one of the monks...

This is the ISAN!

We spent some time with MEE Mayulee (white hair), looking at her pictures from when she was younger and listening to some of her stories.
And we did the same thing with two other sisters, MEE Ganjana and MEE Malee that same day.
It made for a very fun day indeed!
All three of these wonderful women have been faithful members for many many years.
Now, there just too old to be able to make it church every week, but they still glow with the Spirit!

It's so precious to see senior ladies like this taking care of each other! (this is MEE Mayulee and her friend) 

On Wednesday, we got permission to go see this Historical Celebration in Sisaket!
There was dancing, music and a play about the legend of Sisaket! 

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