Monday, March 21, 2016

Teaching & Testifying of the Living Christ

Hello everyone! :) so preparation day was lovely! we spent it with the lake michigan sisters hansen and sister katz. they are the cutest companionship of life! sister katz is our little hipster and sister hansen is our hippie! thet work so hard! we went shopping at the outdoor mall which was really cool and fun!

we had exhanges tuesday with the stls which was fun! we did a blitz in tgheir area. i was with sister wise over the brookfield ward. we both felt prompted to talk to this lady taking a cigarette break outside of the salon that she worked at. her name was bonnie. she told us about how she was troubled over he rmoms recent passing. we were able to share the first vision with ehr and talk about the glorious easter season and of the resurrection of christ. and that because of Him we will all be ressurected with perfect bodies and that we get to be with our fmailies forever. it is so great to be able to testify and lift peoples spirits. we had dinner with sister haynes from that ward who recently lost her husband. she just kept bearing sweet testimony about how she knows that she will see him again and all her ancestors as well. we talked about the blessings fo the temple and how we are so grateful for the priesthood that binds us to our love dones eternally. 

sister wise and i woke up extra early to go to my first seminary class! i loved it! we read in isaiah about the latter day restoration of the gospel. it was really cool since isaiah is a hard read but theres so much good stuff in there! the kids were super excited to have us there though. they were so enthusiastic at like 6 am it was refreshing! we did hae to wake up an hour earlier for that but i os gratefultn hat we did. and io found out that sister wise knows my mommy fromt he canada toronto mission sister chelson. the lds world is so small. i love it! we had dinner at the rs presidents house sister vanhille. her kids are adorable! so we had french onion sauce for dinner and fry sauce. i didnt know that i was supposed to dip the burger int he sauce. sister gross and vanhille jsurt laughed and said guess its a utah thing! yep! haha. 

we went to help a less active named sister jensen make protfolios for her daycare. she was jsut so grateful that we were able to make time to help serve her. we hope that as we serve an dlove her that her heart will be softened to the messages of the gospel once again.

we had a great lesson with a less active youth named anaya and her non member mom jill. they are having some struggles right now so it seemed like perfect timing to share the plan of salvation with them. and oh yeah jill just decided to quit smoking cold turkey after our last visit. almost forgot that huge miracle. but yeah sharing the plan of salvation with them just seemed to help give jill an ete5rnal perspective. we brought sister young the young womens president with us. anaya is so knowledgeable about the gospel and she has a sweet testimony. i love love lveo heavenly fathers plan of happiness. it just helps us know why were here and where were going. and im just so  grateful for my saviour this easter blessedn to be able to testify of him to everyone that we emet. im grateful that becausse of him i get to see and be with my wonderful family forever. make sure you check out this beautiful easter video about the saviour and share ti! : . i love you all! :D <3

this is me enjoying ym friend chicken at poopeyesd yummy! oh p.s. i broke a tooth this wee4k too. im waiting for president cutler and a dentist from one of the wards to get back to me on that so no picture this week haha. im so clumsy! just my luck!

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