Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 17 in Field

A peak into life out in the EAST in Thailand ! 



Thai Dancing

Visiting members at their homes

 Through Wats (Buddhist Temples)

and Railways...

Elders matching unintentionally 

Finding ways to keep the ants away from the food!

It was Elder Williams's Birthday on Friday! 
We bought him some balloons and dropped it off at the Elders' home on Friday morning...
Let's just say....don't try to bike with helium balloons in a basket at the back of your bike!
I must say, I have never prayed for the safety of balloons before...But I did that day! 

This is Bifern. She's the 4 year old daughter of an awesome investigator family we are teaching right now! She was sick all week, and so we visited her at the hospital almost every day and shared with them short gospel messages with a variety of different members to help us!
On Saturday, we spent some time playing with her. 
Sister Coates drew pictures and I made her some origami animals and some other random things!

THIS is the biggest spider I have EVER SEEN! 

This is a Toukey....They are pretty dangerous lizards that live in Thailand...

I've heard a lot about them...but I actually saw one for the first time when I was at the bishop's house for dinner on Sunday! 

This week has gone by in a blur...and I'm not sure I can remember all that's happened....
But in between running between investigator and less active member visitations, we had a Zone Training in Ubon.
When we study, we will be able to believe.
When we believe, we have reason to love.
When we love something, we will live it.
When we live it, we want to teach it! 
We can't teach something if it's something we don't live.
We can't live something if it's something we don't love.
We can't love it, if we don't believe it. 
We can't believe it, if we don't study it first. 
And this is why as missionaries we must first study, then believe, then love, then live, then teach the principles of the gospel!
We must continue to study the gospel each and every day so that we can believe.
And when we believe, we will love, then live it! 
And then we can become the most efficient teachers! 

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