Monday, October 26, 2015

Canada Toronto Mission

So Monday was my last day in the MTC and boy was it a hard one! I really loved my district so much and my zone too. Its crazy how much love I developed for them even though I just met them but ive come to know that its charity, the pure love of christ that i felt for them which is a gift of the spirit. For out last district meeting we had a testimony meeting. We all expressed our love for each other ofcourse but we also shared how we knew that we were all called to our specific misisons for a reason and that their were people being prepared for us to teach. Almost the whole district (Sisters Smeltzer, Christensen, Naughton, Elders Watts, Lebaron, Rudd, and Hopkins) were all in pjs except for me and elder Mangus. it was pretty funny because elder watts was dressed in like sweats with a hat that said easy on it and he was pretending to dance and rap which was hilarious.

tuesday was traveling day to our missions! we got up at like three am and took the train and bus to the salt lake airport together as a zone. then for the final goodbyes ah so much tears! and off i was to wisconsin with most of the missionaries from my district (elder manassee, elder garner, elder burdsall, elder anderson, sister christensen, sister naughton) and my companion and i. When we got to Wisconsin President Cutler said that I wasnt supposed to be there yet because there was no word on my visa lol. So we spend the rest of the day at a church building getting all kinds of training on cars, money, the mission vision and stuff like that. Then sister cutler made a great meal and then we had a testimony meeting. I got a blessings from Elder Manassee with Elder Talbot and Elder Burdsall assisting and that brought me great comfort. The priesthood is a great thing! Then off I went to a hotel with my companion and two other sisters in the mission for the night.

wednesday i caught my flight to toronto at about six am. When i arrived in toronto i was greeted by president and sister clayton who are super sweet. We went to the mission office where i met my trainer sister chelson. shes from saint anthony in idaho. shes 19. shes super obedient! but um i got more training and then we went to walmart for some food. it take some getting used to everyone staring at your badge but it feels good. our appartment is actually really nice we live in the basement of a house. im getting used to not being so ocd cause theres not much time! im actually opening and whitewashing an area called heartlake north of the heartlake ward. our ward meets right beside the toronto temple so be jealous its so amazing!

thurs- contacting people on the streets is way harder than i thought. forget what i said about bold april haha shes in hiding somewhere. but i made some goals and im looking forward to coming out of my shell. district meeting was fun we role played and i was able to help the chinacougsy spanish sisters receive some revelation for their investigators. our district leaders are elder johnson and elder beddes they check up on us often. elder johnson is os enthusiastic i love it! we have no area book so we just started called the ward list and had a lesson with the s family who are super sweet.

fri- we met the ward mission leader brother juarez who is super cool. hes a young married adult so hes got spunk! we got some less active memebrs from the elders who would work better with sisters. its been a long time since sisters have been in the ward so all the members a super excited! we met with a sister h who is coming back to church. she has some addiction problems to overcome but she has such a huge desire to come back into the fold. we taught the gospel of jesus christ with the elders.

sat-we met with the j family , and the bishop from the ward who gave us lots of insight on the member sof t`he ward. theres lots of work to do! we taught a sister who is coming back to church sister w and she had such a sweet spirit and testimony and shes working so hard to come back its a delight to watch. i still suck at sharing the gospel ton the streets i can strike up convo fine its just making that connection that im working on.

sun- church was great! the ward is great! the s family gave us treats and they dont even know us! i got called up randomly to bear my testimony that was fun welcome to mission life lol! we met with as many of the members as we could. it was a full day of meetings. but um we watched a great video by elder hooland about not giving up! the lord is on our side always! and the sabbath day really is a day of rest from our worldly cares and its a day to devote to the saviour and remember him. I love this gospel and im so grateful for the atoning sacrifice of my saviour. I will do my best to represent him. Lots of love!

John 14:6

6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

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  1. What a great picture! The joy is radiating off the two of you :)