Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 5

Week 5

This week was another dynamic week filled with lots of learning curves!
I could spend hours just collecting, refining and compiling what I would like to share about the lessons I learned each day, but this week, I'm going to do something a little different. 
I'm going to talk about some individuals in my life here at the MTC who have really been amazing influences! 

Sister Smith
She is my companion and partner in crime!!
Although we are really different, and we are both quite stubborn, so we clash sometimes...I love her so much!
I am learning so much from her example!
One quality that I am learning from her is diligence.
As she studies the language and the gospel, her diligence and perseverance glows in her eyes.
Her hardworking attitude pushes me to want to try harder.
This quality in her is definitely something I want to emulate.
I am so thankful to my Heavenly Father for the opportunity to serve with Sister Smith!

Sister Parker
Although Sister Parker is not my companion, I get the privilege of being around her a lot because my district is so small and we are a tight knit group.
She finds the fun and joy in the small and simple things in life. 
I love her to bits! She adds the little ray of sunshine we need in our stressful lives at the MTC.
From her prancing around the sidewalks, to singing joyfully, to making funny faces... 
You can leave it up to Sister Parker to brighten up your day!
Everyone needs a Sister Parker to carry around in their pockets ;)

Sister Black
Sister Black is one of the sweetest people I've ever met! 
Her love and willingness to serve, and care for others radiates brightly in her countenance! 
Her pretty voice is not just a genetic trait she is born with, but something that is a result of her big heart full of love for others.
I hope to one day be able to follow her example in being so filled with love and compassion...
So much so that her eyes sparkle with the intensity, and her voice is filled with softness that comes from deep within.

Sister Htwe
Sister Htwe is the ultimate example of courage.
Courage for standing up for what she knows to be true.
Her firm testimony of the gospel is hard to ignore.
As tiny as she is physically, her testimony would send Goliath flying over the mountains! 
I want to be able to be bold like this wonderful sister in standing up for what's right. 

Br. Yuen
It's really easy to forget that Br. Yuen and I are actually the same age...
He is definitely what you would call a Spiritual Giant...
In fact, if he said he was one of the Three Nephites, I would believe it!
His sincerity and faith are so very powerful!
One spiritual lesson from Br. Yuen brings us all to tears~
His love for our class and his spirituality really helps to build up our class.
And his willingness to learn is so humbling!! 
We all love Br. Yuen so much!

Sister Painter
Sister Painter always brightens up our days.
Her sincere love for our class, and her animated stories are always the best!
Sister Painter is someone who searches for the joys in life by opening her eyes to the miracles that Heavenly Father places in her life.
I want to be able to emulate her ability to recognize the Lord's hand our lives.
It's such a beautiful way to live.

I have so thankful for these people in my life. I am learning so much from their great examples.
I love them more than words can express. These are the people that I chose to talk about today, but there are many others in my life that I am ever grateful for because of their examples.
I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve as a Sister Training Leader for our zone. It is such a huge blessing.
I am learning so much from all the Sisters. It is such a privilege to be able to talk with them, to discuss physical, mental and spiritual needs and to grow together.
Each of them have such a wonderful story that is unique, but they are all the basis of their strong, unfaltering testimonies of Christ, our Savior! 
It is such a pleasure to be in the same zone as them!
And to think...we're getting 15 more Sisters this week!!! 
I can't wait!

Oct 4 2015

Our devotional special guests today were....drum rolll PLEASEEEEE!!!
The song of the heart really is a prayer unto the Lord!
The spirit that you can feel through music is so special and powerful!

Silly Sister Htwe!

Oct 7 2015 

We collected 22 bananas over the past week or so...
Presented them to Sister Painter and Brother Tirrell today and asked them to make us banana bread!
As it turns out...they're not allowed to...but it was fun while it lasted!! 

And... It was our matching dayyy!!

Oct 8 2015

Another matching day!!
This was NOT on purpose!

We got dressed...turned around and went...Oh....

Oct 9 2015

Today was our HUMP DAY!!! One month in~! One month LEFT!!!

To celebrate, my district decided to play beach volley ball in the freezinggggg sand this morning, bare feet and all!
Our feet were really quite numb afterwards.....

Look Who I FOUNDDDD!!!

Oct 10 2015

I got a white hair from stresssss!!!!
I'm dying...
JUST JOKING! But really...look at this beauty!

Oct 11 2015

Sunday Walks are the BEST!

Oct 12 2015


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