Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 4

Sept 28 2015
Today's P-Day got interrupted by Elder Richard G. Scott's Funeral. 
Although I wasn't really enthused about going to watch the broadcast at first, I'm really glad I got the opportunity to!
You could feel the great amount of love that each of the speakers had for Elder Scott. He was truly an amazing disciple of Christ.

When my companion and I were teaching an investigator today, I felt like we were more of a team! 

Sept 29 2015
We had a really cool experience today!
Sister Smith and I were asked to lead an activity for our class where we used the Book of Mormon to receive personal revelation about the questions we have.
We (our district + Sister Du Plessis and Br. Yuen) each wrote a question on  a piece of paper.
Then, we put them in a box and chose one at random. 
We each said a little personal prayer to be able to find an answer to the question that we picked.
Then, we read 1 Nephi 2. It was kind of a random chapter, but it was just the chapter that we were on as a district.
At the end, we took the time to each write out the answers that we felt. 
It was amazing because every single person was able to find an answer! The Book of Mormon can only be true!!
Finding answers in the scriptures is powerful! And it works!!

Devotional: Claudio R M Costa
He told us that the real heroes were the prophets and disciples of Christ.
Knowledge from God is great than faith. We need to be converted first before we can reach out to others. 
When we reach out to the Lord, He will give us the confirmation of the truth, a witness. 
It is impossible to know how many apples are in a seed. 
We won't know the fruits of our labours until we cross the veil. 
Don't worry about how many baptisms you get, just try your best and you'll feel the Lord's acceptance one you return.

Elder Costa was so full of love for each and every one of us. How? You may ask...
Because he doesn't know every one of us, so how can he love us each individually?
The answer is simple. He loves the gospel, He loves the Lord, and as such He loves the Lord's work. 

Sept 30 2015

Today, Sister Parker is the highlight of my story.
Sister Parker woke up at 1:30AM....convinced that it was 6:35 and we were late...
Even after we established that it was actually 1:30...Sister Black and Sister Parker continued to think that we were extremely late for breakfast!!
Sister Parker has also mastered the "Brother Saunder's laugh." It is extremely unique and if you ever meet her...ask her to show you!!
She also asked Elder Blad out on a date by accident while practicing our "time" grammar concept!!
I love this Sister to death! She is a bright little floating bubble in our district!! She always knows how to brighten up the day with her smiles, love and humour!!

During a lesson with an investigator today, I felt the need to share a scripture that I opened up to, but instantly regretted it because Sister. Dome didn't seem to understand it.
However, afterwards, Sister Smith said that it was good that I was guided by the Spirit! And she appreciated it!
I guess I need to be more confident!

The new districts came todayyy!! 
Cambodians, Vietnamese and Hmong speaking!

I found the Soda Tree!!!
(At least I think...I even bruised my leg trying to climb over the fence but it didn't smell like soda...)

Oct 1 2015

Our district got the special chance to sit in on Sister Htwe's patriarchal blessing!!
Sister Htwe has the greatest testimony and love for the gospel. 
I admire her courage for being on a mission as a pioneer member from Myanmar!
I can't imagine how hard it must be for her sometimes, being so far from home and with parents who are not very supportive...
But she radiates so much light! 
The amount of bravery and faith it must have taken her to get here amazes me!
Sitting in on her patriarchal blessing was such a great privilege! 
She's going to do so many wonderful things in this life because of her faith, love and courage!
I love her so much! 


Who says service can't be fun con't

Oct 2 2015

I finally understand how to read script!
(At least the basics...Still a lot of learning to do!)

Listening to investigators pray with sincere hearts is so sweet! 

I want to learn from their examples and remember to always be sincere and honest when I pray!​

Oct 3 2015

What I got from the Saturday Sessions of General Conference:
I know it's a little strange to think about his because I'm a missionary...
BUT I couldn't help but feel that the things that stood out to me the most was about preparing to have my own family.
Just the importance of how the gospel has family at it's center, the importance of being worthy of the person that I will marry, and converting ourselves to the Lord an opening up our hearts so that we may be able to have Christ-like love for others, especially our families...
Eternal Marriage will bring us closer to being Godly...
A mother's love is the closest thing to Christ's pure love...
It's important for children to understand principles when they are ready, not when we are ready to teach. 
What kind of person do I have to become if I want to be able to do all of these things and have these qualities?
What can I learn from Great Aunt Rose's example of being truly happy despite our trials and apply it to my future family and my family now?
Being happy is a choice.
Faith leads to hope.
To get to the same point as Great Aunt Rose, the happiest person alive, how can I strive to know God like a friend?
How can I better reach out and serve others in order to become pure before God?
The heart of His Gospel is LOVE.
NOW is part of Eternity!

Early Morning Gym time is always funn ;)
We look....greeeaaaaattttt.........

Class fun times ;)


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