Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sister Mansfield: Week 1

wednesday - the mtc is overwhelming but so great! the spirit is palpable here! so strong! everyone is so friendly and welcomes you on your first day because your tag has a dork dot on it haha how great right! I run into Sister Kwak all the timeeoh my how much I just love that Sister! Sister Kwak got her whole district to prank me haha! My companion is Sister Smeltzer from Utah and I got lots of love for that girl. We had the opportunity to teach investigators today so we just went fo rit all clueless and all. My district is awesome! Such examples to me! I love them so much its crazy! So much love!

thursday - i woke up at 5 30 this morning to exercise and we all know how bad i am at waking up early but i was so ready to go. the spirt here is like that firehose meme on facebook foreals! This morning my district memorized the missionary purpose and its so important.  Our teachers are also great. Today we learned how to effectively plan and teach a lesson and we always have top be sure that everything we do is helping us accomplish our purpose. I wrote some questions down before our book of  Mormon read in class and got my answers by the end of class. Crazy how the spirit is the master teacher even when we have little doubts. 

friday - the food here is such a good all you can eat buffet. Momma you would love it haha! As a district we read the white handbook and committed to being perfectly obedient because it brings blessings. We taught our first investigator jean today. we talked way too much but it was our first lesson so better luck next time! The spirit was there at least and hes the true teacher. we are just tools in the lords hands.

saturday - i keep overeating lol because i might starve on my mission. Ourt first service assignment was today and me and sis smeltzer cleaned the elevator nand bathroom stalls. itr felt good to gove service. First impressions are important. As missionaries we learned that its important to make our purpose clear to others and to get their expectations. Our second lesson with jean went better. She really has a strong desire to know the truth. We taught her the atonement and i know that theres no other way to completely heal all wounds. elder mangus in our district is hilarious. he always has the funniest random facts and hes home schooled. 

sunday - so fry sauce. its the weirdest thing but all the utah peeps love it lol. its mayo and ketchup ew lol. we watched a film called the character of  christ from elder bednar and he taught us to always look outwards. to stop being selfish and focusing on self. the lord wants us to bear our afflictions with patience so im working on it. I know that his hand is in all things. Its amazing to see how the atonement changes hearts.

monday - our two first lessons with chrissy and ny didnt go too well. But i wont get discouraged because thats how you lose you faith and the future is as bright as your faith :). Our comapnionship goal is to stop complaining. I just love this gospel. coudlnt figure out oics this week so netxd week :)

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