Monday, July 4, 2016

Week 34 in Field!

This week went by so incredibly fast! 

Last PDAY, we went over to MEE Noi's house to help pull weeds from their yard. 

FANTA giving us bit of encouragement

JOY who was more of a bother than any help

I never thought I would wield a machete...

MEE Noi cooking us Burmese food!

Train Adventure  to Bangkok for our Switch Off with the STLs! 

Sister Carillo

our STLs: Sister Carillo and Sister Mags

Our growing family... 

Visiting Sister Ying and Brother Noi

The Elders decided to stop by too...
And so we taught a combined lesson!
It was so interesting to experience four missionaries teaching together.
I was grateful for the presence of the Spirit to help us have unity in our teaching :)

Today for PDAY, we went over to our LAs house and got our hair dyed!
(too bad you can't really see my colour >< )

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