Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 36 in Field!

This past week has been long and so busy I don't even know if I remember everything that happened...

Monday FHE with B. HoldtotheRod and his dad! 

Last District Meeting of the Transfer at the Barlows' home

On Thursday, my entire district (all 8 missionaries) arrived at the office in Bangkok, early in the morning to get our new assignments! 
Generation Picture: Sister Tuk (my adopted daughter/niece), Sister Blaylock (my stepmom/Auntie), Sister Hayes (my mom)

I was excited to find out that Sister Smith would also be training!
It had been so long since we've met...
I was secretly relieved and glad that there were some things about Sister Smith that have not changed at all!
She's the same old Sister Smith, my amazing companion from the MTC, but much more spiritually grown and mature^^ 

New Missionaries Training Meeting (Greenies + Trainers)

And VOILA! Meet my daughter, Sister Courchaine!!! 
She's such a cute, optimistic person :) 
It's a pleasure being able to serve with her!^^ 

We got to go on an adventure up the mountains to visit Sister Nok's family, together with two of our Elders because Sister Nok had asked for a priesthood blessing.
As we taught Sister Nok and her family, and the other people in her neighborhood, it was really cool to feel the unity that all four of us missionaries had.
Sometimes, it's even hard to have unity within a companionship when teaching, but all four us managed to maintain that unity.
As each of us followed the promptings of the Spirit, we were able to support, and build upon the things that each of us shared.
It was so rewarding to be able to experience the power of lessons taught with unity and through the Spirit.
We had to rely heavily on the Holy Ghost because the people that we taught speak another language, Hmong, that we don't understand.
As we did so, we were able to testify of the truths that we know to be true, and help the people that we taught feel the power of the Spirit as well.

We got to attend a wedding reception to support two of our members! :)

First PDAY as a New District = District Bonding! 
Elder Saunders, Elder Sun, Elder Noyce, Elder Lor, Sister Podsawan, Sister Daruni, Sister Courchaine and Me! 

Our very excited District Leader! He is literally excited about everything :)

"Do not pat gong noise" HUH?! 

Dad and Son

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