Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 48 in Field!

This week started out quite normally in Chiang Mai...
With just a little dark cloud, knowing that Elder Sun would be finishing his mission and going home this week. 
Our district has grown so close and has really become one family these past two transfers, so we were all a little sad that Elder Sun would be going home. 

Our last district meeting of the transfer at the Barlow's included UNO, lots of food, testimonies and some tears..
(Oh and E. Shipp whose back is slowly recovering)

Then, Tuesday night, an unexpected call came. 
We were informed that along with E. Sun going home and S. Phosawan moving (which were well predicted by our district), 
Elder Leininger and I would also be moving....
The shock was too great for anything to feel real.
Packing and getting ready to leave just felt like a dream... 

S. Courchaine was not very happy either.... 

But, E. Shipp was very happy to get a lint roller from me!
What a champ at being grateful for the little things :) 

Wednesday went by in a daze...I didn't even get to call all the people I learned to love to say goodbye because I left the phone at home :'(
But, there were some to send us off at the bus station. 

It turned out that all 8 of us had to make our way down to Bangkok for transfers.
At least we had the luxury of being able to road trip one last time all together!  

My welcome into KORAT!!! I have been assigned to an area right in between Bangkok and the Isan. 
This epic flood welcomed me into the city! 

My new companion, Sister Panjaree is actually from Chiang Mai!
I met her before she entered the mission, during my first transfer in Chiang Mai and know her parents quite well.
She just finished being a Greenie and is now leading the Korat area :) 
I'm looking forward to getting to know this little funny cutie and serving together to help this area grow!

Games Night with the YSA 


Trying to watch all the sessions in English was a bit of struggle finding a companion to be with...
I am so grateful to Sister Bla (Fish) and my companion for their sacrifices in watching it with me! 

While I was cleaning our pretty filthy bathroom....
I almost bumped my head into THIS! 
That's right....SNAKE SKIN wrapped around our pipes... 

Our cutie Elders, Elder Brown (our Greenie - it's his second transfer) and Elder Gardner!

And VOILA! My death papers......
I signed these papers this morning, with Mission Related Goals, and Personal Goals for the last six months of my mission, along with a pledge to SPRINT to the end! 

Quite honestly, my first few days in Korat have been a little tough.
With the surprise of having to transfer, and coming into an area with not very many investigators to work with has been a little disheartening. 
My companion, who just finished being a Greenie seems stressed about having to lead the area, and doesn't seem to have too much idea of how to (I don't blame her one bit! Just coming out of Greeniehood and leading an area is not fact it's never really easy to lead an area).
I hope that this upcoming week will prove to be better! 
I know that as we work hard with diligence, we will be able to meet those who are prepared and we will see miracles! 

I miss Chiang Mai so very much! 
The members, the investigators, the district, the Barlows....but I know that Korat is where the Lord needs me now!
I pray that I will be able to pull myself out of moping the loss of serving in Chiang Mai and truly SPRINT to the end! 

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