Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 49 in Field!

This past week has been full of miracles and the Lord's merciful hand has definitely been evident.
We had more member present investigator lessons, referrals, and new investigators this past week than I have had in the past couple months.
Starting out in Korat has been a little tough because there wasn't much to work with, but the Lord has been showering us with blessings and miracles each and every day!
What great motivation to keep moving forward! 

Last PDAY date with my companion at the Mall, enjoying Korean food! 

How many people can you fit in Brother Oh's car?





Family Home Evening with members and investigators!
A lesson on the Plan of Salvation


Helping Sister Miw move! 

Falling asleep during language studies... 

Helping prepare food for a birthday celebration! 

Pranking Sister Bla (Fish)

English Class! 

Practicing for the Church's 50th Anniversary in Thailand Celebration

My companion likes dancing through the week...quite literally! 


and some more dancing... 

Games Night- Charades
Building friendships with members and investigators! 

Saturday Chapel Cleaning
All hands on deck! 

Teaching investigators at their home

Teaching LAs at their home


Handsome members


Coffee, the church neighbour's dog is also a church goer! 

Sunday dinner preparation:
The Elders brought us the ingredients...but there were some essentials missing, liking cooking oil and soy sauce to make fried rice.
We had to give up the idea of fried rice, and experimented with less than a quarter spoon of butter, some milk, salt, pepper, meat tenderizer, and a tiny bit of ketchup... 

we finished eating it must have been okay :3 

I am a witness that as we put our trust in the Lord, He will take care of us and shower us with blessings.
Our every day will be filled with miracles as we have faith and open our eyes to see what constantly surrounds us. 
The love of our Heavenly Father is real and it will encompass us through the thick and thin. 
When we allow ourselves to be molded by being obedient, Heavenly Father will take us to heights we've never even dreamed of! 
​When we fall, He will pick us up and help us become stronger...He will show us hope and motivate us to keep going by blessing us with happiness and joy! 

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