Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 50 in Field!

My ever dramatic companion, Sister Panjaree!

Bike Squad 

Family Home Evening! 

Boss (I), Bank (RC), Blaa (Fish - AM)
These three are some of my most favourite people in the world!
They have such a fun outlook on life! 
Their friendship is filled with so much laughter and fun, each and everyday! 
I am also tremendously grateful for Bank and Blaa's never ending willingness to serve our Heavenly Father!
We can always count on them to lend us a helping hand!^^ 

District Meeting Snack

One of the greatest things about this group is that...

They all bike around just like the missionaries!
Biking Squad indeed! ^^ 

Last week, I forgot to mention some important news..
On October 13th, the King of Thailand passed away.
Thailand is now in it's 30days of mourning... 

There are signs of mourning all over the country including the wear of black clothing and free services to dye your clothes black... 

On the bright side, the Thai people are still finding reasons to find joy, just like my companion! 

On Saturday, we went to go visit a less active member with a van full of members, recent converts, another less active member and even an investigator! 
It was quite the party during the two hour drive there! 
I was impressed at the amount of love all the members seemed to have for just one single lost sheep! 
They were all so enthused to go visit him, despite the long drive and expenses! 
How full of charity they all are! 

Brother Jiw! Our main character!
This boy had some serious surgery in his legs and couldn't even walk a few weeks ago...
But here he is! Fully standing, walking like a normal person and even working in the fields!
What a miracle that is!

We went to go help Sister Jenny clear up her yard...
She wasn't expecting us and was delighted that Heavenly Father had sent help! 

...suddenly a light descended... 

Another one of the Elders' investigators got baptized this week!! ^^
Sister Mayulee's simple, but wonderful testimony is so very sweet! 

The miracle that stands out the most to me this week happened on Friday.
We had a pretty intense schedule laid out with our first appointment starting at 7:30 in the morning...
But right off the bat, and continually throughout the day, all of our appointments and plans seemed to fall through...
With extra time on our hands, we didn't really know what to do, but felt impressed to still go visit an LA who we almost cancelled on because she was busy at the time we made our appointment with her. 
And what a miracle that turned out to be!
After we had shared the short message we had prepared for Sister Li, I noticed that she was trying hard to fight back her tears.
It was evident that she was struggling through something hard in her life, and although she didn't tell us what it was, it was clear that she just really needed a friend that day to sit next to her. 
As she cried softly, I held her and testified of God's love and plan for her. I prayed with all my heart that she would feel His presence and have the courage and might to go on.
She seemed to feel better after a while and went back to work. 
What a gift is is to be able to comfort another! 
Just like one of my friends once told me, "We aren't meant to go through this life alone. We are to help each other through it." 

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