Monday, November 9, 2015

Bodacious Brampton Zone

mon-preparation day is always the greatest in our zone. our zone had a fiesta with papoosas, dulche leches and nachos. it was delicious! then i watched the zone play kill ball. they really love that game! we had a lesson with a member family the ferry's. the moms from quebec! her name is nathalie senechal and she said that some of her siblings are married the lallements. small world!

tues- we had a good lesson with returning member sis h. we taught her about the atonement and tried to help her feel more of god's love in her life. shes being doing really great with her scripture study and prayer and now we just have to get her to church each week. shes had a hard life so shes having a bit of trouble with being mad at god. we taught her about how trials are for us to learn and grow and that if we can bear our afflictions with patience the lord will  make our burdens like and we shall gain eternal life. the sousa member family made us delicious alfredo for dinner. there so sweet they give us goodies bags every sunday at church. love them!

wed- theres a thing called whopper wednesday can you believe it! it costs like 6 dollars for a trio its the greatest thing! we took some whopper lunch to a members home the w's and ate with them. they both have disabilities and there expecting a baby. but they are still so positive and were both inspirations to me. we helped the relief society president sister king clear out her garden which was fun. the palmer family had us for dinner and they have three adorable little ones.we helped sister palmer tidy up and then she fed us some pork chops yum! tonight me and sister chelson contacted a whole bus stop full of people it was so exciting! i got like an adrenaline rush it was great!

thurs-we met with a returning member named sis w and had a second lunch which was carribean food so my tummy was real happy. we went to have a short lesson with the vicente member family and they know the feths from brings me alot of peace having all these connections to home. the m family agreed to let us help them to prepare to go back to the temple to partake of those blessings. we got to go to a young womens activity which was fun. we are embroidering our white handkerchiefs for the montreal temple dedication. i have my ticket already. im so grateful to be able to be in toronto right now to be able to participate. the lords hand is in the details of our lives folks! 

fri- zone conference is the bomb dot com! the spirit was so strong! we learned about the importance of follow up. its a way to show that we love and care about those we teach. it waas also impressed upon me that we can have enough faith to move mountains! we are so blessed to be able to represent the saviour and that attitude a positive one makes the world of a difference. 

sat- we met with sister m shes a member. shes so sweet. she had trouble understanding because of  a learning disability but so is so willing to learn and listen. our ward had a chili cookoff which was a great oppourtunity to meet more members. the food was so good! yes i know i talk loads about food! and it was nice to see some less actives come and have fun being involved in the dancing and other activities.

sun-church was great! i really enjoyed the relief society lesson about self reliance and about how we should share our talents. the martinez family gave us a wonderful dinner to take home. im grateful for the simple truths of the restored gospel. there is no other way to return back to our father in heaven and our saviour. i love you all!

looky who! :)

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  1. That's so exciting you will be able to participate in the temple dedication! We'll be thinking of you, just like you're right there with us.