Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 2 in the Field!

This week has been crazy..filled with many wonderful miracles! 
It's so hard to keep track of everything! The days go by so fast...and the weeks seem so long because so much happens in just one day!
This week, I'll keep my words short, and hopefully my pictures can do some talking.

INVITING: I have to be honest...I really have a hard time liking stopping and talking to everyone who we pass by on the streets here in our area in Bangkok....
As many of you know, I am really not much of the out going type and talking to random people has never been my forte...
Add in a language that I can't really speak at all... and you've got a very frustrated and awkward Sister Kwak. 
But each time I remember that everyone is a child of a loving Heavenly Father, who misses them very much...things get a little easier~ 
Working my self up to a point where I can have a sincere smile on my face and love inviting is a mental challenge ever day, but once I can get to that point with the help of our Father in Heaven, I love being a missionary (inviting and all!)
My companion and I actually had the opportunity to stop and sit with random people on the streets and share a short message about the gospel.
Each time something like this happens, it's the motivation I need to keep moving forwards!
And thank goodness for a patient Trainer...because she has to do most of the talking... 

Thailand is a very...(for lack of a better word)...interesting place~
It's a place where the most beautiful things are found in dirty, run down corners...
Being able to teach such beautiful people living in impoverished conditions, surrounded by much junk, and yet beautiful nature as well is an experience I never dreamed I would have...

Just two of the many miracles that happened this week:

This little cutie, has been an LA for a year. She hasn't really wanted to talk with the missionaries, or come to church the last few times we contacted her, BUT for some reason this week she was willing to meet with us!
We had the wonderful opportunity to eat lunch with her and to share a spiritual message~ 
She is such a lovely girl and it is our sincere hope and prayer that she will find Christ again in her life!

This group of thirteen 14-15 year old students visited our church on Sunday!
They were working on a research project about church and attended our meetings today..
The miracle was that we were actually able to sit with them after church and explain to them that prayer is a two way conversation with our Heavenly Father. 
We even invited one of the girls to pray for us! She offered us the most beautiful and innocent prayer~ 
To our pleasant surprise, at least a couple of these students were touched, and sincerely interested in learning more!

Our District!!

Sadly...Sister Fa and Sister Bin only stayed with us for a short while before heading off to the MTC in the Philippines! 
Thank goodness these two lovely Thai Sisters will be coming back to this mission!
I really hope I get the chance to serve with them again! 

Our District 
We made it to six whole people for one day!!!
Now...we're back to only four...but that's okay! We'll still be strong in doing the Lord's work! 

Some of the members that I love!
Book of Mormon Class

Please allow me to introduce...the cutest little helper EVER!
His name is Fi Fa! And he is always helping out with keeping the church building clean!
He's learning so well from his mama! 

This is probably the weirdest thing I have ever the windows with newspaper...
I didn't believe it  until I tried it...but it really does a fabulous job at making the windows spotless! 

The Biggest SCARE I've had thus far came in the form of this puny little guy...
These little creatures are sooo fast! And when I realized there was one right in my face as I opened my closet...
I practically jumped out of my skin! 

One of the greatest things about the area that I am serving in right now, is the members. 
They are all so warm and kind, and have huge hearts.
Many of them are not well off, but when they come to church, they are dressed in their best clothes, with huge smiles and glowing with the light of Christ.
They are a very passionate people, and love to talk about gospel. 
They love to spend time at the church and spend much of their time there throughout the week! They're always there! 
And they are so very willing to help us teach investigators and less active members. 
I am surprised each time, as many of them put down what they're doing to come help us teach.
Missionary work is definitely a priority in this ward. 
I am so very blessed for the opportunity to work with people who are so willing and ready to be the shepherd, to go and find the one. 
There's so much love and warmth in this ward, that can only be a product of people who love the gospel and are constantly trying to be Christ-like. 

The single adults who have taken us under their wings! 

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