Monday, November 30, 2015

Sister Mansfield in Toronto

mon- today we had dinner at a members home, the m family. it was so great! their grandchildren were there as well and there so adorable! i was also able to help one of the grandchildren with his french homework so that felt good. then we taught our returning member sister h about the importance of following the prophets. they are the anchors to eternal truth. and general conference is such a special oppourtunity to hear from our living apostles and prophets. we really are truly blessed by following their counsel. i hope everyone has been ponderizing if not repent and sin no more haha courtesy of my companion sister chelson!

tues- we dropped by one of our members homes the o family to share a short mesage about faith. we also sang her sick husband a song and it really lifted his spirit. then we went to visit a part member family the w family and we taught the husband about the restoration. and the wife bore a sweet testimony about how trials are for growth. then we had dinner at the ferrys house. sister ferrys maiden name is senechal and her family still lives in quebec so cool! we all talked around the dinner table about the different culturesd around quebec. it was nice! felt like home! then we taught another returning member family callld the m family. they are quite chatty but we were able to teach then two principles about the restoration and they are really trying to read and pray as a family.

wed- we went to visit a member who is coming back to church. she really loves the book of mormon and its great to see her testimony grow from reading and prayer and the other basics everytime we go and visit her. we had dinner with sister cliffe. shes so adorable! she made so many different types of fish since shes from the maritimes yum! we taught sister h about family history to get her pumped to go to the temple to do baptisms!

thurs- we had a six month follow up with all the new missionaries and then we got to go do a session in the toronto temple it was amazingg!! it was just us and president and sister clayton in the session and the spirit was super strong! i got an answer to a question that was weighing heavy on my mind so im grateful for that! then sister chelson and i splurged on a bit of timmies! yummy and oh so canadian!

fri- we had a zone council which followed up on what elder perkins taught us about last week. its good to have a reminder about what we learned.  as missionaries we have special power and authority from on high to find those prepared people who are ready to accept the gospel. oh what a great calling! we went on exhanges again with the sister training leaders. i was with sister jolie. it was cool because i led most of the lessons since i was more familiar with the lessons. we helped sister c with her reading and we read a story out of the bible. we had dinner with the hodders and alll the children are just the sweetest! brother hodder is from nova scotia which is awesome! then we taught with some potential returning members the g family. sister g gave us a whole banana bread it was quite delicious! we werent able to get the children to sit in on the lesson but we taught the restoration. we were able to really get the parents thinking and i seen that light of testimony come back into their eyes it was sweet! 

sat- today was a day of weekly revelation woohoo! 

sun- the sabbath day! what a delight! we had dinner with the ibanez family. it was so yummy! there the sweetest! then we watched the #ASaviourisborn video. its so good! everyone please watch it and share it! and make sure you invite them to discover why:). love you all! 

p.s. im getting transfered! off to st catharines i go! hi ho hi ho hi ho! :D
im terrible with pics so sorry!

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