Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 8

I can't believe that the weeks have flown and I am leaving in just one week!
We received our flight plans on Friday! We are leaving the MTC at 2:30am to catch a 6:30 flight to Chicago, then to Hong Kong, and then finally to Thailand!!!
The days have been long, the weeks very short. 
In a way, it feels like I've just been at an extended YSA conference, boot camp style and at the end of this week, I will be going home again.
It's mind boggling to think that I will ever actually make it to Thailand. I don't think it will sink in until I'm there.
The weeks here have pushed me to my limits, and helped me to grow in leaps and bounds. 
I stumbled and fell more times than I can count. I've prayed more than I have ever before. 
And I've really had to rely on my faith and trust in the Lord because there was nothing else I could do.
There were so many times I wanted to just quit and go home. 
The battles seemed endless, and many times it felt like I wasn't progressing.
Countless times I wondered: Why am I here? What is my purpose for being here? Do I truly have enough faith to pull through these next 18 months? Am I really meant to be a missionary? Am I good enough to reach out and serve those around me?
I don't have the answers to all of my questions, and I don't think I'll get all of the answers... But as Elder Neil L. Andersen said during the last General Conference, "Faith never demands the answers to everything, but it asks for the strength to endure." As I have spent the weeks here at the MTC, each week I have tried my best to not only "endure" but to "enjoy" through the trials and challenges. I am so very grateful to my Heavenly Father who places obstacles in my life so that I can learn and grow from them. I am so grateful that He loves me enough to push me to my limits. I know that it is through the trials that we face, that we are refined into becoming our very best selves. Although Heavenly Father gives us many challenges to shape us for the better, it's reassuring to know that He doesn't just leave us in the dark. He has given us Christ, who has suffered through every trial, challenge, heartache, disappointment and anything else that we could ever face and more. When no one else understands, Christ does. And He is always within in arm reach. The only thing keeping us away from Him is ourselves. All we have to do is simple go to Him in sincere, heartfelt prayer. During our Fast and Testimony Meeting, one of our zone leaders said, "Kneeling in prayer is the most comfortable position to be in." This is such a powerful statement, and it is true! I have a testimony that Heavenly Father and Christ live, and when we go to them with our questions and concerns, they are always willing to help us out in the best of ways. We don't know everything, but the Lord does! They have the bigger picture, and they know how best to guide us and lead us down the path of happiness. 
I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have had to be here that MTC, to learn from the examples of so many of the wonderful people that have been placed in my life.
As I learned from the others in my zone, our teachers, and others here at the MTC, I have come to know that my Heavenly Father really does care about me as an individual. He loves me, and He has called me on a mission at this specific time, to this specific location because He knows that the people that He has placed me with will help me to progress in so many amazing ways! I am so grateful to be surrounded by the people that are constantly around me physically, or in spirit. 
On Tuesday, we had the privilege of hearing from Elder Neil L. Andersen during our devotional here, at the MTC. He talked a lot about sacrifice as being a part of who we are. He told us that every missionary had to sacrifice something to be here! This is very true! As I have observed the other missionaries in my zone, it's amazing to hear their stories and to learn from their examples of courage and faith, the tremendous amount of courage, and love for the Lord that it took to be here right now, to follow the Lord's will!! I love these missionaries more than I can express! I wish them all the best on their missions, as we all head out to the places that we have been assigned to reach out and help others to come unto Christ!

It is my sincere hope, that each one of us can continually strive to be converted unto the Lord each and everyday, that we may never fall away. The gospel is true! Heavenly Father and Christ LIVE!

All of the Thai's! 

With our Cambodian Sisters!

A friend from Korea! Sister Kim~ Unexpected meeting here at the MTC for the first time in a YEAR!

Our cute little Sister Htwe!! 

Halloween at the MTC!! 

Date with my companion!! 

Sister Howardddddd!!!!! <3 Happy Reunion at the MTC! I am so privileged to get to see her here from time to time at TRC!!! 


Last time going to the temple for the next 16 months...gahhhhhh!!!

Soccer Baseball + PERFECT Thai Squat picture with all the Thai's!! :D

Sisters selfie!!

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