Monday, January 25, 2016

A Day of Miracles Indeed!

monday- we went to niagara falls as a district again. it was so cold outside! and the mist fom the falls wasnt helping! but it is a really beautiful place and when im not here i know ill appreciate living this close to one of the seven wonders of the world:). we went to he macjanets for dinner. i love them! their hilarious! their house is so huge and nice too! sister macjanets cooking is heavenly!

tuesday- a day of miracles indeed! we taught a returning member sister h about prayer. she ahs a strong testomony of prayer but has limited understanding of the rest of the gospel so were working with her on that. we went to visit a less active family the a family. they dont make it to church often because they attend their kids sporting activities. it makes me sad when people dont make church a priority. our recent convert j actually answered us today. he seems to feel uncomfortable with sister missionaries so he usually ignores us. but this week he responded and it was indeed a tender mercy. a potential named kristin who we were supposed to have a lesson with had to go to work so she left us a note of her door. it was so nice of her to do that. so we wrote her back  a note with our next appointment time. we taught some ysa potentials named avi and davis. they had so many questions that we basically taught them every lesson in one sitting. it was really fun! we even got avi who is jewish to sya the closing prayer! our recent convert emily treated us to some delicious cashew chicken and some raspberry cupcakes for dinner. we love her! i found out that s one of our returning members speaks french so i can practice yay! a day of tender mercies indeed! 

Wednesday- today was the worldwide missionary broadcast. it was so good! elder bednar, oaks and anderson talked. what really stuck out to me was that we are to be vessels of the spirit so that the holy ghost can teach people and touch their hearts through us. 

thursday- we met and taught kristin and her daughter sierra and they just accepted everything witout any problems. she said that we can come back and visit them whenever we want. 

friday- we had district meeting and went over what we learned during the broadcast. it was in hamilton. then we went to a mall in hamilton and ate some lunch together. its so nice being around other missionaries!  we went on exchanged with the stls! sister cook and i went to hamilton mountain east with sister price! shes a ginger yay! i love it! 

saturday- we met with george whos getiing baptized next week in hamiltona ndhes such a quiet hmbke guy and hes so excited!

sunday- the sabbath day is so great! i got alot of questions answered during the meetings.president clayton called us and gave us counsle on how we can plan our lessongs around commitments to help those we teach with their concerns. oh and chuck our returning member came to church after two months of working with him wooohooo! life is good! i love it! and i love al lof you! :D <3 

sister mansfield

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