Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Years!

Monday-We went to visit the Holtby's today. It was really funny being at Joey's house without him there. You can tell him i got to see all his baby picture. Just kidding! Our returning member chuck is going to get a priesthood blessing to help him quit smoking. it came to my mind that we should ask him if he had ever gotten one and he hadn't. so hes going to get one yay!

Tuesday- today was pday because it was a holiday for most people. elder cragun the district leader gave me and sister cook whos also finishing up with her training some really good counsel. he told us to ponder how to be more united as a companionship during personal study. president Clayton said that as we do that we will be more unified when we teach. 

Wednesday- sister bells funny quotes of the week: 1) i cant wait to sing i the choir of angels! 2) be as exactly obedient as sister Mansfield hair!/ she so funny! we went into a restaurant to schedule a lesson with a potential named Dee. it was sad because she was drinking but we still managed to set something up. my companions and i are going to fast with our returning member Paula so that she can quit smoking this fast Sunday. our investigator Corinne dropped us. she said that shes happy being roman catholic and that she doesn't want to join any other church. that was sad because we thought she was golden! sister stedneck is a new returning member. she needs to be sealed to her husband. we found out that she hasn't been paying her tithing in three years so were working with her on that. we are also over Welland because they took missionaries out for this transfer.

Thursday- we helped a family that we didn't know move today. they called us and asked for service so we got a few members together and helped. Chuck got his blessings today so i hope he lets it help him. our returning members Paula and Marlene made us bagel bites, cheese sticks, meatballs and eclair then we all pigged out together! :) 

Friday- i always forget about holidays on a mission. district meeting focused on using the book or Mormon to help people with their concerns. i really love the book of Mormon. it feels really good to actually kind of know some scriptures now and some context. yay me! then i had exchanges with sister droge from Germany! sister droge and i stayed in st. catharines so i was left to my own devices to try to figure out the area! We visited some members the Dewitts. their daughter is so cute! brother Dewitt actually baptized his wife on his misson. cute eh! sister isaac, a returning member gave us some sweet book of Mormon reading charts. the sauls took us to Swiss chalet for dinner and it was so good! a less active member sister hayat had strong incense in her home when we came to visit and sister droge was coughing! it was hard to breathe! our returning member Shea met us in her laundry room. we made sister droge prayy in German. so cool! and they sang a German folk song together. it was sweet! 

Saturday- we went to meet with the sagers in the Welland ward. it was nice! elder cragun gave me a blessing because i was stressed but all is well now! the priesthood is the best! :) the kings had us over for a new years dinner with their friends and family. 

Sunday- fast and testimony Sunday is such a treat! our lesson with our returning member sister Bradley went super well. we read in the book of Mormon with her and talked about the spirit world, temples and family history. we invited her to prepare for the temple in may to do the work for her mom and she accepted! thats a big step for her! we really got her thinking which is splendid! our recent convert em made us supper! it was so good shes the sweetest! 

love you all! :D<3

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