Monday, January 18, 2016

So I Met Donnie Osmond Sunday

well its been an awesome week here in st. cats! we went
monday - zone sports for the last day of the transfer woohoo! our recent convert em came with us and loved it! sister bell spoiled sister cook and i wish some subways. yumyum! we always do fhe on tranfer mondays with the rigbys and the currys. we played mafia and i actually won! reminded me off all those werewolf games in ysa! goodtimes! 

tuesday- we drove to bodacious brampton zone for transfers. it felt nice to be in my old stomping grounds. sister monnie is so fun! shes actually bestfriends with the ap in the wisonsin milwaukee mission elder larsen. i actually met him during the twenty four hours that i spent in that mission. i love Heavenly Father's sense of humour! small world! sister monnie is from a town called greschan in oregon. sister cook was sliding all over the place getting used to driving in canadian snow haha. we lived though! 

wednesday-we went to the womens shelter that we volunteer at in the kitchen. we had dinner with the drowmeys who are an older couple from england and their so cute! 

thursday- we finally were able to visit with our investigator jen. shes progressing really slowly but she is progressing! we went to visit the burtons and brother burton showed us some of his old band stuff from the 80s. it was cool to see him and brother lipiec back in the day. their so cool! 

friday- district meeting was too legit to quit! we focused on teaching in the lords way. President Clayton received inspiration that we should teach shorter lessons so that the spirit can be there the whole time. weve really seen lots of blessings as weve applied his counsel. hes so inspired! i love him! we watched the first video of the twelve step program with our retunrning member chuck. and he promised us that hed be at church this sunday! and he never makes promises he wont keep. norma the lady who is in charge of the kitchen at the womens shelter invited us over for dinner. she asked alot of awesome questions about missions and stuff. hopefully she becomes a new investigator! and her families awesome too! we want them all to join us! 

saturday- we found three new investigators today after tracting near referrals. one actually lived where a member used to live again. we really do see miracels as we hearken and apply the counsel that president Clayton gives us. another miracle! a ls member named jesse actually let us visit him. hes super hard to reach because he does shift work. and usually doenst answer calls or the door but he invited us right in when we dropped by!

sunday- so donnie osmand and his friend jerry williams were at church today. that was both awesome and random! apparently he did a show in niagara falls or something! i aint complaining! we went over and chatted with him a bit. i was a little stractruck i cant lie. he was super sweet though. he snuck out after sacrament but a couple people still got pictures. we were relieve that jen accepted the wow without any issues! repentance is the best. i would like to challenge everyone yto take a question into every church meeting. i promise you church will become a revelatory experience! and it will help you pay attention! the book or mormon and humility are the keys to being a successful missionary. i love you all! :D <3

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