Friday, January 1, 2016

Week 8 in Field!

Christmas Miracles!
Sister Phan came to church this week!! 
She looked uncomfortable in her wheelchair, but was so delighted to be at church!
She came a little late and missed sacrament, but the members re-administered the sacrament after first hour, just for her! 
She was able to stay all three hours~

When we went to visit her a couple days later at her home, she said, "I hope that they come pick me up again next week to go to church!"
My heart broke~ This spiritual giant wants so badly to be at church every week, despite the fact that sitting up for her is difficult and even painful.
How unfair is it for someone like her to not be able to go to church each week because of her unfortunate circumstances? 
Despite it all, she has so much faith and love for her Father in Heaven. She recognizes the blessings in her life and never complains.
She just accepts and enjoys! 
I know that she has a very special place reserved for her in the afterlife~ 
Here is a little more insight into her home: 

We served this most precious, faithful daughter of God by emptying her bucket of urine and filling up her water pitchers~ 
(While trying not to fall through the floorboards! :P )

Our other Christmas Miracle came in the form of Sister Ang, a 58 year old Catholic. 
She just walked into our church on Sunday morning because she was drawn to our church. 
We know that Heavenly Father is guiding this prepared soul to finally receive the gospel in this life. 
It is such a pleasure and privilege to teach her! I pray that she will soon soften her heart and realize the full truthfulness of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 

Our Beloved Sister June and her recent convert sister, Jam! 

Our cute little Sister May~

My fun, loving companion! 


My CRAZY District

For giving out too many delicious chocolates and capturing all the stray kittens.
If seen, please call President Master Wager

District Four Square in the mornings! (NOTE: we play with a basketball) 

Celebrating Elder Wager and Sister Blaylock's One Year MARK!

District Meeting
Building a snowman! (Out of rice of course!) 

This one is mine...

And then Elder Wager had to outdo me... >:(

This is the beautiful country of Thailand!

This picture is taken from our balcony...that lit yard is our church!
I have never seen sunsets at beautiful as the ones in Thailand~

The 'khlongs' of Thailand are so dirty that the water is opaque milky green...
The pretty reflections make them bearable~

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