Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 11 in Field

Even though Transfer Meetings have been discontinued...Thank goodness we have to get our visas renewed!!
My entire MTC District met up for the first time in 10 weeks! That's longer than we were in the MTC together for!!!
It was so fun to catch up with everyone...
Too bad we missed our chance to get a group picture all together!

Zone Conference - Bangkok East Zone!

Little Devil and Doukeyy are the new additions to our district! 
They are taken care of by two wonderful Daddys who took them to Zone Conference!

At Srinakharin....there has been a Room of Requirements...
This room had been piled high to the ceiling with stuff that the members have kept at the chapel from past activities...and even some personal belongings.
Since the church building belongs to the Lord and not to individual companion and I decided to do some service and clean out this room...
In the process..we had this nice little encounter...SNAKE SKIN!!!
Weeks ago, Sister Hayes and I walked out of a lesson with a member and saw a snake slither its way into this room...
As it turns was in there long enough to shed its SKIN!

We were too scared to stay in that room and organize things...(just in case the snake came out!)
So instead, we decided to sort and wash the two huge boxes of toys that we found cooped up in there and put them in primary room~

As it turns out...Our fate this week was to do a LOT of washing !
We washed out everything possible at Sister Phan's house with the help of Nen. 
If there's one thing I'm getting really good at in's squatting!
I can't Thai squat well yet (with my heels on the ground), but I am becoming pro at balancing in a regular squat!!

Inviting with the Youth! 
The future of Thailand is in wonderful hands with these youth at the forefront!
These future leaders of the church have such wonderful Spirits, full of so much light and love for the Work of Salvation! 
These beautiful children of God are going to help the church grow and thrive here in Thailand!
I am so privileged to spend time with them!

The Youth's innocent, most pure love for this LA brought her to tears!!

The package that my family friends sent me FINALLY ARRIVED!! 
(after about 12 weeks...)
Thank you so much to the Choi Family for taking care of me!!

Elder Hilton in his 20th Birthday Jammies! :P

Sister Blaylock on the morning of her 21st Birthday!

And just like that...I've hit my QUARTER MARK in my mission! 
The time has flown by~~~

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