Monday, August 8, 2016

District Meeting, Service, and an Interfaith Activity

Monday: We had dinner with the office couples the Jepsons and the Cesarinis. I love them so much! They treated us to Ferschs who had really great custard. I dont think I can ever go back to regular ice cream after bingeing on Wisconsin custard sorry folks haha! One of our ward missionaries sister Cook let us go over and teach her a member lesson. She's so awesome! She comes out with us a lot! We went to drop off one of our investigators names Kathy an audio version of The Book of Mormon before we turned into pumpkins!
Tuesday: District meeting was lovely as usual. Well just being with other missionaries is lovely! We went to the lovely little town of Waterford to meet Nicole and her family. They have relatives who are members in Utah and they really want this for their family. We just kind of got to know each other, establish our purpose and answer a few questions. Nicole was just eating up everything we told her. There was such a sweet spirit having the whole family sit in on the lesson. Sister Ellsworth fed us dinner and it was so yummy! She has a son serving in the Adriatic South mission and she feeds us weekly! She's the best! Then we traveled almost all the way to Chicago just kidding that would be out of mission bounds! Pretty close though! We went to Kenosha for exchanges!
Wednesday: I spent the day with the wonderful Sister Gross. It was just like old times since she was my first companion when I came to this mission. We definitely saw a ton of miracles. We talked to everyone and it was great! We met lots of cool people! We met this member named Ruth who's preparing to go to the temple and who recently quit smoking after years. She's a rockstar seriously! We had a family home evening with Kathy and sister Cook and sister Montie from the ward and it went super well. We ended with a game of apples to apples. It reminded me of home. So fun!
Thursday: We did service for a lady were teaching names Joann. We just helped her organize some cupboards and stuff. We taught her the restoration and she basically told us that she knows that what we have taught her so far is true. Sister Casas and I just kind of looked at each other like whoa! We went to see how Katherine was doing and feeling after her baptism and shes still so awesome! We had dinner with the Bishop Olsens family. They have eight kids and they are so much fun!
Friday: We do service at a thrift shop called Betheseda every Friday. We sort the incoming clothes. Sister Casas and I are always dying of laughter when we see some of those clothes oh boy! We visited with the Hall family and their little cute grandson. We had dinner with the Stockton family. Sister Stockton is hilarious! I love her! She reminds me of myself because she just tells it like it is! We visited our recent convert Miranda at her grandmothers house on a lake. It was beautiful!
Saturday: We spent most of the day at an interfaith activity. We had a fun time with the Oak Creek elders. It was really nice! We had yummy Indian food too! We had a lesson with Kathy. We had dinner with the Jacob family from Ontario. It was nice to talk Canada. They have the sweetest girls too! We visited Claudia in her nursing home. Shes the funniest! Shes a sassy one but oh my is she every lovable! she always brightens my day. We had a recent convert lesson with Katherine with Sister Cook and now were going to teach Katherine's granddaughter.
What a tender mercy!
Sunday: We had choir after church and then dinner with the Leo family. They were just so down to earth and wonderful. The members in Muskego Lakes are just so loving! I love them! We went to see the Smith family too to wish them a safe vacation!

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