Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 40 in Field!

FHE at Sister Nuan's turned into more than just a regular family home evening!
Initially, SIster Nuan wanted to invite a couple members who were her close friends, but they were all busy and couldn't make it.
Sister Courchaine and I thought that in the end, it would only be Sister Nuan and her two sons, and us...
BUT to our pleasant surprise, Sister Nuan  had invited Gangsot and his family!
Gangsot was a referral from Sister Nuan and has been our investigator for the past couple months.
His progress had a slow start, but he has been progressing in leaps and bounds these past couple of weeks!
Monday night quickly turned into a huge miracle.
As we taught the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity, Gangsot was delighted! 
He said, "This church has the best teachings! It's miraculous! I would be so happy if you can come teach my relatives back home." :')
His brother added, "If I could learn everyday, I would" 
It was so enlightening to see how the gospel message could touch the heart of Gangsot and his family! He was quite literally beaming with light by the end of the night.
By the end of the lesson he mumbled something along the lines of wanting to be ready for baptism! 
He has been pushing off baptism saying that he is not ready and might be ready next year.
Sister Courchaine were so delighted, we didn't quite know how to contain our joy as we practically danced home (on our bikes) that night. 

Gangsot's brother, Junker - Gangsot and his son - his wife Biw 

My cute little companion always has this look of intense concentration when she eats...

During companionship study on Wednesday, we decided it was time to really kick it up a notch and be on top of our physical health!
We did some planning and goal setting...
As a result, we ended up with this posted on the back of our study room door! 

For a service project this week, we did some intense organizing in the missionary cupboard!
I wish I had better "before" pictures to show...but just know that it took quite some time to have it looking nice :) 
We felt quite satisfied by the end of our endeavor!

We had a switch off in Bangkok which meant that we took a 14 hour train ride down there on Wednesday night!

It was so fun to see Sister Htway and Sister Black in Bangkok!
Sister Black is now one of my STLs! And Sister Htway lives in the same house as her too.

I had the golden opportunity to switch off with Sister Mags, my cute little Filipino STL who is finishing off her mission this transfer!
We had the opportunity to help clean dishes at a member's restaurant and teach her boss about the gospel too! 

We also had the opportunity to help a member do this... 

And then on Wednesday night...
It took us two whole hours to get to the bus station by taxi because there was so much traffic...only to find out there was not a single bus to take us home to Chiang Mai that night...or the next day.
There wasn't even a train until the next day at 6pm. 
So, we went back to the STLs house for the night...we got there at 10:25 and felt like rebel missionaries breaking the rules!
The next day, we stayed in Bangkok for Zone Training since we would miss ours in Chiang Mai...
And to our utmost delight, we got to teach Fanta, one of our investigators who had moved to Bangkok!!
It was such a wondrous miracle! 
We taught with the two sisters who will be teaching her in Bangkok...
It was a powerful experience as we all poured out our love for her and shared Heavenly Father's desire for Fanta's happiness! 

On Saturday, we got home late in the morning and had a crazy day preparing for that night's activity!
We had planned a Movie Night and asked the members to bring their family and friends.
Sister Courchaine and I had called almost every single person in our phone contacts and was totally bummed when only two people showed up at 6pm...
But as the night progressed, we had our investigators, an entire family of LAs and RCs come as well! 
Slowly the seats were filled, and as we testified of the truthfulness of this church, the room was filled with the Spirit and everyone left that night, uplifted! 

Sunday, was another miraculous day!
Sister Courchaine had 6 investigators come to church and the Elders had a baptism!!!
The Lord is a Lord of Miracles! This week was really tough because we were away from our area for three days and we only had one formal investigator, member present lesson...
But despite all that, our investigators are steadily progressing! Some even in leaps and bounds! 
I am so excited for the work in Chiang Mai!!! ^^

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