Monday, August 22, 2016

Week 41 in Field!

Last Monday, Elder Sun, Elder Saunders, Sister Courchaine and I invited ourselves over to the Barlows' home to make cookies and play games!
It was such an awesome, relaxing, fun PDAY! 
I am so grateful for the Barlows!

That evening, we went over to teach Sister Game (one of our investigators) at her home with Sister Emelda. 
We were so grateful for Sister Emelda who also brought her daughter to fellowship Sister Game's daughters!

The rest of the week went by in a blur....
I think we biked more than ever this past week!
We went to SonSai three times for meetings... (40minute bike ride one way).
We did our best to balance our work with investigators, LAs, RCs and active members as well! 
My companion and I feel so tired, but it has been a good week, filled with lots of work. 
Saturday was my favourite day! 
After our studies, we went to go visit Spy and his mom for the first time. 
Spy is the coolest 9 year old ever!
He is a very smart kid, and loves to learn.
Even though his entire family is Buddhist, he declares himself to be Christian because he likes the teachings that he learned at his extra curricular classes at a Christian church and because he has prayed and received help from God in the past. 
His mom didn't really seem too interested in the message of the Restoration that we shared, but Spy was focused and accepted our commitments and asked great questions!
After that, I took Sister Courchaine to a pharmacy at the mall to get some medication for her upset stomach.
While there, we saw Cruise (an RC that was baptized when I was a Greenie in Srinakharin, now moved to Chiang Mai for school) squatted on the ground.
We decided to sneak up and surprise him.
To our delight, he was overjoyed to meet us as he untangled his lanky body to promptly stand up and give a cheery, "Swatdikhap Sister!"
He then proceeded to tell us that he has a Christian friend who he invited to our church.
That said, he hurried off to find his friend and introduced us to him!
Cruise is so awesome! ^^
After that encounter, we tried to find an LA to no avail, so we went to go serve another LA at her restaurant. 
We helped Sister Aoi do the dishes and shared a short spiritual message.
Sister Courchaine lead the entire lesson and all I had to do was support her with a one line testimony at the end!
I am so proud of my child!!!
We only stayed there a short while because we then went to go visit Sister Noot and Brother Mot at their home to teach a new member discussion.
I was so happy to hear that the two of them had a desire to share the gospel with their friends and encouraged them to make plans to do so! 
Then, to finish off our day, we went to go visit Brother Oom with Sister Fang. 
Sister Fang was just baptized a week ago by Brother Oom. 
Brother Oom has been a member for a very long time, and has even served a mission!
It was so cool to listen to his stories and experiences that he has had from the beginning of his membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
It was such a privilege and blessing to spend the evening with him, learning from his example and service. 
I am so grateful to the many people that surround me that are constant examples of service in the Kingdom of God. 
It's encouraging to know that there are so many people out there who love and serve others in a way that is Christlike.
It's encouraging to know that there are so many out there that have a burning desire to share the gospel truths with their friends and family.
Missionary work really cannot be done by missionaries alone, neither should it be done so. 
The Work of Salvation is every member's responsibility! :)

Today for PDAY, we got up at 3am do study for an  hour and leave at 4:30am to go and see the sunrise as an entire district...

Elder Sun and the dogs at the Buddhist temple on Doi Su Thep

As my companion says, "Chiang Mai is so big, and there's only 8 missionaries"
There is so much work to do here!

Early Morning Bonding as a District! 
With transfers in 3 days, seems a little late...but better late than never! 

After breakfast, and another hour of studies, we went to Tiger Kingdom to hang out with some of our big feline friends! 

After that, we went off to play at some waterfalls! 

Hiking in long dresses like a boss! 

All of God's creations are so wonderful and great! 

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