Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 43 in Field! con't

PDAY! What better way to spend a it, than at a Catmosphere?! 

Elder Shipp's secret admirer! Elder Shipp never even knew..

For Family Home Evening, we were invited to S. Ying's home to teach her two older sisters about the gospel!

Her mom (on the left) has already been baptized :3

Later on in the week, we were invited over again to teach her brother, his wife, her aunt and her cousin! 

Companionship bonding time with crazy face masks...

And matching shirts...
We also had the chance to visit a member at his optometrist clinic.
We wanted to get glasses to protect our eyes while biking because too much debris would fly in, leaving us half blind while biking...
Brother Somchay so gracious gave us this fantastic glasses with UV Protection 400 for FREE in return for our service for the Lord.
He told us of how when his son was on his mission, a member dentist took care of him free of charge.
In return, he didn't charge us for our glasses!
While visiting Brother Somchay at his clinic, we also stumbled upon a miracle.  
An LA that we had a really hard time reaching out to, happened to be working there that day!
Brother Somchay literally gave us no choice but to sit down and talk to her...
And although at first it was super awkward (especially since I am really bad at small talk....and jumped right into gospel related things)..she slowly seemed to soften her heart.
I am not sure if she will return to church any time soon, but I hope that encounter with us re-sparks her faith as she remembers that Heavenly Father really does love us and wants us to have happiness and joy in this life and beyond. 

Our investigator Muay treated us to hot pot!
We spent almost three hours with her, which was much too long, but we were grateful for the opportunity to get to know her more.
Now we will be better able to teach to her needs! 

We also had the chance to meet her half sister who is a singer at this restaurant! 

Trip up to the mountains! 

We visited Sister Laoli (a missionary now serving in Thailand)'s grandmother!
As we testified that Heavenly Father will bless their family for Sister Laoli's service, her grandmother started to silently cry. 

Teaching Spy, the best investigator ever! 

Our Title of Liberty 

Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley

Byebye shoes! 

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