Monday, September 19, 2016

Week 45 in Field!

This week was filled with lots of last minute cancelled appointments and stand-ups, but also silver lined with miracles!
The greatest miracle was our 9 year old investigator, Spy, who was baptized yesterday!! 
Because he is the only one in  his family that is really interested in the gospel at this point, he walks into church all by himself each Sunday morning.
This week was a little more special because he decided it was time for him to dress up in Sunday Best clothes!
We didn't even have to teach him about it for him to have a desire to show his best self to the Lord on Sundays!

Spy has been excited all week for his baptism! 
On Tuesday during English Class, he had a spring to his step and would tell anyone who would listen that he was gettingbaptized on Sunday! 
When the day finally came, he had a huge radiant smile on his face!!^^

It's hard not to love Spy! He is a very talented little boy and anyone who meets him will know that he will do great things in his life by serving the Lord! 
His love for God, Jesus Christ, and the gospel is inspirational! 

Today has been a crazy PDAY! We just came back from far up in the mountains.
We woke up at 2am, and left Chiang Mai at 3am to go visit one of our member's home village. 
We spent quality time building unity as a district by helping weed their rice fields and taught our member's mother (who is already a member but can't come to church very often) and her two older sisters (investigators).
After an eight hour round trip, and some hard work, our district is pretty tired, but happy to have enjoyed the beautiful outdoors up in the mountains, serving our fellow brothers and sisters!^^
Needless to say however, we are all left with minimal time for emailing today! 
So look forward to the pictures next week! 

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